Darley Newman of Equitrekkingtravel.com

Video: Equitrekking Botswana--Behind the Scenes

Join Equitrekking for a behind the scenes look at Equitrekking?s film shoot in Botswana, Africa.

Video: Riding the Loch Ness Area of Scotland

Darley Newman from EquitrekkingTravel.com takes us on a ride in the beautiful Scottish hills around the famous Loch Ness.

Darley Newman and Vivi in Epona, Spain. Photo by Chip Ward for Equitrekking.com

A Dressage Adventure in Spain

With my hunter jumper training, I have learned a little about dressage, but nothing that would prepare me to ride a highly trained, highly sensitive Andalusian and actually cue him to do something.

Pairing Up with the Right Horse

Horses have different personalities, skills and physiques, just like people. EquitrekkingTravel.com's Darley Newman tells you how to choose the right match for your trail ride or riding vacation.