Deb M. Eldredge, DVM

EPM Is Rare, But Tricky promo image

EPM Is Rare, But Tricky

You should involve your veterinarian if you suspect this disease.

Warning! Colic Ahead! promo image

Warning! Colic Ahead!

Know what to be on the alert for to catch colic in its earliest stages.

FDA Warnings On Ulcer Drugs promo image

FDA Warnings On Ulcer Drugs

What does this mean to the consumer?

Dealing With Diarrhea promo image

Dealing With Diarrhea

Handle mild cases on your own.

Bots Anyone? promo image

Bots Anyone?

Who's having trouble with bot flies this year?

A horse barn can contain things your dog shouldn't consume.

Dogs and Hoof Chews

Letting your dog chew on hoof pieces isn't always a good idea.

A little clear mucus is normal for most horses.

Equine Eye First Aid

If your horse’s eye is injured or looks odd, don’t mess around. Get it treated ASAP.


Horses in Fiction

First, I look to see if the writer has any horse experience.

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Urgent Care: Leg Swelling

A swollen leg is always reason for concern.

Your veterinarian may see changes you might miss.

A Physical Exam Can Help Your Horse

You should at least know his normal values.

Miniature horse Frodo has a "rounded" figure, possibly due to his favorite treat.

A Treat, A Treat, My Kingdom for a Treat

What's your horse's favorite treat (we won't tell!).

This was a deep injury, involving the muscle.

Horse Journal OnCall: Can I Minimize the Chance of a Scar?

This horse's injury was deep enough to get into the muscles.

Media Critique: Suffering In Silence promo image

Media Critique: Suffering In Silence

This book by Jochen Schleese has a lot to offer.

Deadly nightshade.

Deadly Nightshade

This is definitely not a good pasture plant.

A Swedish study looked at over 8,000 horses to help us better evaluate young prospects.

Choosing The Top Prospect

An impressive 8,000-horse study evaluates potential in young horses.


Ticks, Ticks and More Ticks

There are very few products for horses specifically labeled for tick control.

The thorax is an important area for riders to understand, since the saddle, leg, girth and whip will all touch that area.

The Cutaneous Trunci Muscle Reflex in Horses

Understanding your horse's natural skin reactions.


Magnesium For OCD?

Can supplements help with the incidence of OCD in horses?

A natural skeeter-eater.

Mosquitoes Can be Deadly

They may transmit nasty illnesses.

Doppler for Laminitis promo image

Doppler for Laminitis

Not yet . . . but the future looks good.


Errors in Veterinary Medications

Much of the responsibility rests on the shoulders of the horse owner.

Frodo learned to do tricks quite quickly.

Trick Training

I started with carrots and a how-to book.


Be Kind to the New Vets

Young graduates are beginning to practice veterinary medicine.

Consider a donation to a rescue to help save more horses.

The Best Equine Memorial

Helping other horses seems the most fitting tribute.

Credit: Habronemiasis (swamp cancer). By permission. Knottenbelt DC, Pascoe RR, Diseases and Disorders of the Horse, Saunders, 2003


Warmer temperatures are favorable to this parasite.


Monte - Loss and Grief

A touching tribute to the living.

Mud Season and Your Horse

Dollar-store reading glasses might be a good idea.

Dry-lot turnout may be the best place for your mini to spend his time.

Miniature Horses Require Full-Size Care

Your biggest issue, though, is weight control on your mini.

Crispy starting to shed.

Harbingers of Spring

For now, though, I am left dealing with hair, hair, glorious hair!

Credit: Eldredge Dr. Eldredge's son jousting - his horse enjoyed it as much as he did.

Animal Rights vs Animal Welfare: Where Do You Stand?

As a veterinarian and horse owner, I know my horses are happy giving up their "rights" for feed and shelter in exchange for some light work.

Horses that travel are at the highest risk.

Choose Vaccinations Suited to Your Horse

Every horse needs the AAEP Core vaccines, including rabies, EEE, WEE, WNV and tetanus.

New York City carriage horse.

New York's Carriage Horses: The First Step Down a Bad Road

If they prohibit carriage horses, what's next? Eventing, polo, trail riding?

We found this photo on eBay, if you're looking for Prince Harry the Hairless Horse.

The Horse Gene, Part 1

My earliest horse was Prince Harry the Hairless Horse

Everyone loves a soft, clean stall, but it should be dirty at times, too.

Urgent Care: A "Too Clean" Stall - No manure or urine spots

No manure or urine spots could be warning signs of an illness, like impaction.

Senior Horses and Cold Weather

It was too cold for the camera to work, but the horses were just fine.


Equine at War

This inspirational book is a good one for cold winter nights.

Credit: winter-scene  Snow and low temperatures usually aren’t a problem for your horse until you mix in wind and dampness.

Frostbite! Real But Rare

Horses usually handle cold well with the right shelter, but tissue damage can occur.


Friendships, Part 3

Companionship is critical.

Eyes can worsen quickly, so immediate attention is necessary.

Swollen Eye

Eye injuries go from minor to serious quickly.

Horses like toys that dispense feed, like the Nose-It toy.

Toys For The Stallbound Equine

They’ve got to be safe and virtually indestructible.


Intelligence Part 2

Just how smart is your horse?


Considering Intelligence

A top open jumper equine is doing amazing calculations at speed as he approaches a jump.


Nail In Hoof

With this type of injury, it is truly location, location, location.


Where Are Your Priorities

Foolish oversights can be deadly.


Slow Feeding The Modern Equine

This new technique is rooted in natural horse behavior.


Fall Is For Feral

Our horses seem to change with the weather.


Fall Is For Feral

Our horses change a bit when the sun goes down early.