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Dale Leatherman

Rachel Alexandra

Book Review: Alexandra the Great

The Story of the Record-breaking Filly who Ruled the Racetrack


Book Review: Fergus, a Horse to be Reckoned with

Tthe cartoon horse with more than 300,000 Facebook likes!

Perfect Horse cover

Book Review: The Perfect Horse

The Daring U.S. Mission to Rescue the Priceless Stallions Kidnapped by the Nazis


Book Review: Unrelenting -- The Real Story: Horses, Bright Lights, and My Pursuit of Excellence

George H. Morris collaborates with writer Karen Robertson Terry in a tell-all autobiography spiced with anecdotes by major figures in the horse world.

Horse Fever

Book Review: Horsefever

Author Lee Hope's adult novel explores a woman's desire to excel in eventing and the emotional turmoil it causes in her marriage.

Kids Riding with Confidence

Book Review: Kids Riding With Confidence

Beginner lessons to build trusting, safe partnerships with horses


Book Review: The Horse--The Epic History of Our Noble Companion

Wendy Williams takes on a daunting task--to explore 56 million years of horse history and show how the human-equine bond has evolved.

Classical Riding

Book Review: Classical Riding with George H. Morris

The editors of Practical Horseman magazine have compiled 30 years of training articles by one of the greatest coaches of the modern era.


Book Review: Barbara Morgenroth's Bittersweet Farm Series

A talented young trainer arrives at Bittersweet Farm to work with two very rich--and very different--teen-aged half-sisters. Trainers don't last long at Bittersweet, but Lockie Malone is different, and things soon change for everyone.

The Reckless Statue in Quantico, Virginia.

Book Review: Two Books on Reckless, America's War Horse

On July 26, 2013, a statue was unveiled at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quantico, Virginia. The statue was of a hero, of course, but a most unusual hero . . . a heroine, actually—a diminutive mare named Reckless.

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Book Review: Turning on a Dime (for young readers)

Maggie Dana, author of the Timber Ridge Riders series for middle-grade readers (9-13), steps fearlessly out on a limb with Turning on a Dime, which follows two horse-crazy girls who live very different lives . . . 150 years apart.

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Book Review: Your Complete Guide to Western Dressage

12 Lessons to Take You from the Basics to Your First Show


Book Review: Bullwhacked, by Kathy Cohen

The author scores a hit with her first book, a "comic crime novel" set in the colorful world of rodeo. Filled with entertaining characters and plot twists, it's a good read.

Book Review: John Blackburn's Healthy Stables by Design

This book is at once a coffee table book of dream barns and a primer on how to build barns that are safer, healthier and cheaper to maintain.

Book Review: Angel & Evie: Catching a Unicorn (for readers 3-8 years)

A little girl dreams of finding a unicorn . . . and a unicorn dreams of finding a little girl. This charming picture book is about their search for each other.


Book Review: Fall Girl, My Life as a Western Stunt Double

Before the advent of digital magic in film, stuntwoman Martha Crawford Cantarini was the real deal, risking life and limb in classic Western movies and popular television shows.


Book Review: Keeping Secrets (for Young Readers)

Author Maggie Dana scores a hit with the first in her nine-book Timber Ridge Riders series. She hooks not only her 9-13 readership, but adults as well. Everyone enjoys a tale of good-vs-bad, winning-vs-losing and the challenge of being a good person, goo

Mystery at Black Horse Farm by Jenny Hughes

Book Review: Mystery at Black Horse Farm (for Young Readers)

Yasmine's two-week stay at summer camp with her horse Flint becomes way more exciting--and dangerous--than she ever imagined.

Fantasy Horse by Jenny Hughes

Book Review: Fantasy Horse (for Young Readers)

Emma and some of her fellow riders are chosen to ride in a theatrical event at a new theme park. They're thrilled until thefts, arson and attacks on individuals threaten to cancel the show.

Model Horse by Jenny Hughes

Book Review: Model Horse (for Young Readers)

Jenny Hughes latest novel is a treat for girls aged 9 to 12. In it, Casey has to cure her new horses dangerous tendencies or be forced to give him up.


Book Review: My Favorite Mistake

The action picks up speed in the second book in Georgina Bloomberg's The A Circuit series for teens, with lots of boy-girl drama among the riders at elite Pelham Lane.


Book Review: The A Circuit

Georgina Bloomberg draws on her life experiences on the show circuit to create the first book in a series of young adult novels.


Book Review: Crown Prince Challenged

The second book in Linda Snow McLoon's Brookmeade Young Rider Series continues the adventures of Sarah, who has acquired her dream horse and now must train the young Thoroughbred.


Book Review: Ivory Pal

This is the true story by Cindy McCauley of a rebellious Tennessee Walking Horse whose fate was uncertain until a chance encounter with novice horseman Rafael Valle. Together they showed the world what training with love and understanding can do.


Book Review: Pie in the Sky by Jane Smiley

Not only are Abby and Sophie dealing with horse problems, they're entering high school, a nerve-wracking time for any 14-year-old. Their experiences there will draw knowing smiles and a few winces from young readers.


Book Review: True Blue by Jane Smiley

True Blue is the third novel by Jane Smiley about young rider Abby Lovitt and her adventures on the family ranch with the horses that her dad buys and sells.


Book Review: Crown Prince

In Linda Snow McLoon's debut novel for young readers, Sarah Wagner wants a horse of her own more than anything. But is Crown Prince more than she bargained for?


Book Review: Horse at the Corner Post

Author Denise Lee Branco chronicles her 30-year relationship with a horse she named Freedom Sky.


Book Review: Horse Trails of Florida

Head's up, riders in the Sunshine State! Kathy Wright shows you how to find more than 100 trails, some of them not well known.


Book Review: A Horse Named Viking

Author Caroline Akervik's story of an extraordinary dressage horse is written for young readers, but adults will enjoy it, too.


Book Review: Big Book of Hidden Horses

Deborah Eve Rubin has created a delightful collection of puzzles, quizzes and trivia that will fascinate parents as well as children.


Book Review: Trick Training for Horses

Your horse is your best friend, right? But are you his best friend? Bea Borelle's book shows you new ways you and your horse can have fun together.


Book Review: Horse Profiling: The Secret to Motivating Equine Athletes

Author/researcher Kerry Thomas explains how to use a horse's "emotional conformation" to chose training methods that improve performance.


Book Excerpt: How Good Riders Get Good

Denny Emerson examines seven elements that are critical to becoming a world-class rider.

The Island Horse, by Susan Hughes

Book Review: The Island Horse

Set in Nova Scotia in the early 1800s, The Island Horse by Susan Hughes is a great book for readers about the same age as ten-year-old Ellie, the book's main character.

Tex, by Dorie McCullough Lawson

Book Review: Tex

Luke is a little boy who lives by the sea but wants to be a cowboy in the West. In the picture book by Dorie McCullough Lawson, readers get to share his dream.


Book Review: Pegasus

Marilyn Holdsworth mixes romance and horses in a novel about a widowed journalist's efforts to expose abuse and stop the slaughter of wild horses.

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Book Review: The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses

This is the book for every woman who as a little girl dreamed of horses, choosing Breyers over Barbies--plastic horses over plastic dolls. Written by Melinda Folse.

Still Riding at 80

Book Review: Still Riding at 80

Helen Hills' book belongs on every horse person's bookshelf. It is packed with advice, inspiration and entertainment that resounds with riders, drivers and horse keepers of all ages. Hills interviews 20 other "elder" horse people whose stories will convin


Book Review: Riding Into The Wind

Hidalgo is great entertainment, but viewers should take the riding feats with a grain of salt. Get the real story on long-distance trekking in this astounding chronicle of a five-year, 22,000-mile ride by Elly and Nathan Foote.


Book Reviews: Blindfold & Cut Throat

Set in the show jumping and eventing worlds. Lyndon Stacey's two novels rival Dick Francis' racing classics for mystery and authenticity.


Book Review: Hotspur

In this page-turner about murder and mayhem in the hunt country of Virginia, author and Master of Foxhounds Rita Mae Brown reprises some of the fine characters she introduced in Outfoxed.

Secretariat Center. Courtesy Secretariat Center

Life After Racing

The Makers Mark Secretariat Center in the Kentucky Horse Park finds new careers for former racehorses.

KHP Man o' War statue.Copyright Donnelle Oxley

Rest In Peace--Horse Burials in the Park

Many of the horses at the Kentucky Horse Park have moved on to celestial pastures, but their passing has not gone unnoticed. Here's a guide to the equines buried on the park grounds, and why they deserve the honor.

Trail Riding

Dream Rides: Horse Vacations

Your dream vacation could be a cattle drive, following the outlaw trail of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or a stay at a dude ranch. Or it could be learning to jump fences in the Caribbean. Or an inn-to-inn ride in Europe. The possibilities are endless, and there are rides to fit every budget.

Chateau in the Carolinas: Visiting Biltmore Estate

At Biltmore House, riders enjoy an historic estate and miles of scenic mountain trails year-round.