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Dr. Judith A. Reynolds, Ph.D., P.A.S., Dipl. A.C.A.N.

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Stable Vices

Stable vices are thought to be coping mechanisms used to dispel anxiety. Trying to prevent them without addressing primary stressors such as confinement, isolation or lack of exercise will not quell the horse?s angst. Dr. Judy Reynolds describes vices, causes and solutions.

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The Senior Horse Dilemma

Dr. Judy Reynolds discusses how working horses in their 20s and retired geriatric horses in their 30s can benefit from special care and feeds formulated to meet their unique needs. From ADM Alliance Nutrition.

Are you Feeding Your Horse Like a Horse?

Research on equine nutrition has shown that traditional feeding programs can result in health-related problems in horses. Dr. Judy Reynolds of ADM Alliance Nutrition shows how to be more savvy about what you feed your horse.