Dr. Karen Hayes, DVM

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Senior Horse Hearing Check

Recognizing traces of hearing loss is essential to preserving your horses' health, and treating the condition is a way to help with everything from reducing episodes of anxiety to enhancing communication during competitions.

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Senior Horse Eyes: Vision Check

Your senior's ability to navigate with his peripheral vision--and adhere to his normal routine--can make detection of a vision problem difficult. However, if he begins spooking, tripping, having trouble negotiating different elevations, or knocking into o

Learn to Care for Polo Wraps promo image

Learn to Care for Polo Wraps

Here's how to safely apply a polo wrap, plus how to wash your wraps.

How to Treat Snakebite promo image

How to Treat Snakebite

A snakebite--particularly on the nose--can be a life-threatening event for your horse. Here's what to do.

Horse Rescue 101: How and When to Take Action promo image

Horse Rescue 101: How and When to Take Action

That skin-and-bones horse in the junky pasture down the street is obviously ill-cared for. But is it neglect? Abuse? And if so, how should you handle it? We tell you when and how to safely step in--and how to avoid legal pitfalls.

Ringworm in horses

How to Treat Ringworm in Horses

Think your horse has ringworm? Here's how to cure it in seven easy steps.