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Commercial Feeds For The IR Horse

Practical solutions for the easy keeper.

Barefoot horses, especially, need optimal hoof care (these heels are too low) and nutritional support.

Horse Journal OnCall: Nutrition and Healthy Hooves

Our reader asks if her horses' diet is optimal to promote hoof growth.

It can be difficult to ensure your older horse consumes enough calories.

Horse Journal OnCall: Older Horse with Worn Teeth

Our reader is having trouble keeping weight on her horse.

Kauffman’s Coat, Skin and Weight is our top commercial choice.

Solutions For The Skinny Horse

It’s more than throwing more feed at him.

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Winning Nutrition: Are Weight-Loss Supplements Worth Your Money?

Yes, if you focus on magnesium and a few key nutrients.

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Check Your Salt-Feeding Know-How

Learn about the benefits of adding salt to your horse's diet.