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Even when provided the option of shelter, your horses may prefer to stand outdoors in winter weather. ? EQUUS Magazine

Winter Shelter for Pastured Horses

Although horses are highly adapted for cold weather, those who live outdoors may still need some shelter from harsh winter weather.

Quick Horse Trailer Clean Up

A few minutes spent caring for your horse trailer after a road trip can save you time and money later on.

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Make the Most of Winter Turnout for Your Horse

With 8 simple precautions you can safely keep your horse outside?where he?s happiest and healthiest?even when the wind blows and the snow falls. From EQUUS magazine

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Protect Your Horse from Ice-Related Injuries

A blanket of fresh snow can be pretty but a layer of ice can be hazardous for your horse's health and soundness. Learn how to help avoid problems. From EQUUS magazine

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Are Your Horse Blankets Ready for Winter?

With a thorough inspection in early fall, you can make sure your horse blankets are ready for the cold weather to come. From EQUUS magazine.

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Storing Equine Medications Safely

As you sort through your barn's medicine chest, follow these guidelines ensure equine medications are stored properly. From the editors of EQUUS magazine.

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Fighting Equine Respiratory and Skin Problems in Winter

Sound equine management will keep your horse free from respiratory difficulties and irritating skin conditions this winter. From the editors of EQUUS magazine

Horse grooming

15 Ways to ease winter grooming

Cold temperatures and longer coats can complicate grooming at this time of year. Here's how you can make the job easier.

Good hay. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Tips to Help You Buy Horse Hay

The editors of EQUUS magazine discuss the best way to buy horse hay, including planning ahead, buying ahead, buying in bulk, and buying quality.