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Putting Weight on Your Horse for Winter

A skinny horse won't do well in winter weather. Here's how to add weight to your horse before the temperatures drop.

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Benefits from Floor Level Feeding

You can reduce your horse's risk of choke, colic and respiratory disorders and increase the amount of nutrients he gets from his ration by doing nothing more than eliminating chest- or head-high feed tubs and hay racks.

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Conditioning A Horse for Long Summer Rides

Medical Editor Mathew Mackay-Smith, DVM, addresses an EQUUS reader's concerns about equine conditioning in preparation for long summer trail rides.

A boarding barn manager will need to know how to contact you on every leg of your vacation. ? EQUUS Magazine.

Making Vacation Arrangements for Your Horse's Care

To rest easy about your horse's care while you're enjoying your summer vacation, be sure to provide his caretakers with all the information they'll need in an emergency.

Icing is most beneficial when an injury is less than 36 hours old. ?EQUUS Magazine

When to Use Hot vs. Cold Therapy on Equine Injuries

Deciding whether to use ice or heat on an equine injury depends on many factors. Here's a quick guide to when and why each therapy is most effective.

Show Skills for Every Horse

Whether he competes or not, here are five skills every horse needs to have.

Endurance riders are particularly skilled at keeping hard-working horses hydrated. ?EQUUS Magazine

Bottoms Up: Tips for Getting A Horse To Drink More Water

Hydration is key for equine athletes in warm summer months. Try these tips for getting more water into a hot, sweaty horse.

Washing your horse. Photo Cappy Jackson

Wash Stall Safety While Bathing Horses

Follow these simple steps to avoid accidents and injuries in the wash stall while bathing horses.

A horse may be more accepting of a spray on his limbs than near his face or hindquarters. ?EQUUS Magazine

Teach Your Horse To Tolerate Fly Spray

A bit of work now will prevent the spinning, backing and overall angst that comes with fly spraying sensitive horses.


Planning a Holiday on Horseback

So you'd like to trek across some foreign land, or round up cattle on a dude ranch? Here's what to expect when you vacation on horseback.

Tips for Horse Turnout Boots

When horseplay gets rough, get your horse some turnout boots to protect his legs.