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Farewell with Parting Tips promo image

Farewell with Parting Tips

It wouldn't seem right if the vet didn't leave you with at least SOME advice!

Fungus Among Us promo image

Fungus Among Us

Tips to manage rain rot in the height of the wet season

Ticks can number in the hundreds on an infested horse.

Ticks Are Rearing Their Ugly Heads Again

Fall and Winter bring hungry ticks- but their bite can carry potentially fatal diseases for your horse.

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Odd and Ends: Pentosan Availability and Horse Transport Law Pending

These are important happenings that you need to know about.

"Steroids" for Pain promo image

"Steroids" for Pain

When all else fails, corticosteriods may make a difference in arthritic pain.

Vetigel- a revolutionary new product that stops bleeding in seconds. Photo courtesy Suneris

Medical Technology Never Ceases To Amaze Me

A trip to the dentist leads to my discovery of Vetigel

FDA Issues Warning About Several Gastric Ulcer Products promo image

FDA Issues Warning About Several Gastric Ulcer Products

Saving a few dollars may be costing you and your horse more than it’s worth

Tips to Make Your Horse Drink promo image

Tips to Make Your Horse Drink

Cold weather slows our horses drinking habits which can cause problems.

Should I Use Polo Wraps? promo image

Should I Use Polo Wraps?

The issue is protecting the legs.

Not Enough Vets in Your Area? promo image

Not Enough Vets in Your Area?

Support the Veterinary Medicine Loan Repayment Enhancement Act

Ligament Injuries promo image

Ligament Injuries

Suspensory ligament injuries are the second-most common equine insurance claim (after colic).

Horse Journal OnCall: Severe Scratches Won't Heal promo image

Horse Journal OnCall: Severe Scratches Won't Heal

Pastern dermatitis requires knowing the cause and treating it appropriately and gently.

A bipartitie navicular bone with the fibrous junction between the two ossification centers indicated by a red arrow.

Bipartite Navicular Bones

You don't see these everyday!

Giving to Horse Rescue Organizations promo image

Giving to Horse Rescue Organizations

Look for official charity status, first.

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Equine Allergy Testing

There is a way to manage allergies long term!

Radiographs - Know What They Can and Can't Tell You promo image

Radiographs - Know What They Can and Can't Tell You

Understanding a few basic principles can help you communicate with your vet and help you take away more for your money.


Equine Melanoma: What Options Have We?

Several advances in equine medicine and surgery provide promise for horses with melanoma.

Thyroid Dysfunction promo image

Thyroid Dysfunction

Reaching for a thyroid supplement product might not be your best option.

Radiograph of a coffin bone fracture.

Coffin Bone Fracture

It's not necessarily a grave diagnosis.

PEMF can be applied to virtually any area of the horse's body without sedation.

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Another complementary therapy option to consider.

LifeChip equine microchip.

Microchipping- What's the Issue?

Incompatible chips and scanners can leave owners doubtful about implanting their horse

Mature abscesses about to burst.

Pigeon Fever- Making its Rounds

This highly contagious disease is spreading all over the United States.

Palpating nerves to prepare for a nerve block.

The Basics of Nerve Blocks

They aren't as confusing as one may think, as long as you understand the core principles of what they serve to do.


New Therapies to Help Your Horse

The equine complementary therapy world is brimming with new techniques.

The upper corner incisor goes from wide to long as the horse ages

Looking a Horse in the Mouth

A few basic tips to help get you started on estimating a horse's age by looking at his teeth

Midline dermatitis, aka sweet itch, is caused by tiny bugs called "no-see-ums."

The Itchy Horse Can Drive You Crazy

Best products: Your itchy horse's out-of-control scratching can lead to bigger problems.

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We Find Faster Recovery Times

And enhanced healing of soft-tissue injuries with Game Ready.

Credit: OsPhos Courtesy Dechra

OsPhos Now Available

A viable alternative to Tildren when treated lameness of bony origin


Laser Therapy Relieves Muscle Soreness

Units cost thousands, putting a purchase out of reach for many of us, but not a rental.

A large, severe corneal ulcer that has been stained with fluorescein dye.

Corneal Ulcers

A real pain in the... eye, for both horse and owner

The Vet Med Mobility Act permits veterinarians to carry controlled substances with them for field work.

President Obama Signs The Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

Collective efforts by horse enthusiasts across the nation have paid off

Fly masks can filter about 50% of UV light.

Horse Journal OnCall: Leptospirosis In Horses

Is it possible that my horse was re-infected with Lepto or that it never went away?

Diseases can be transmitted by contact, insects, and shared medical equipment.

Three Equine Diseases to Watch For

Foreign horse diseases are being reported in the United States

At $50 to $120 per session, acupuncture is a proven therapy well worth considering.

Keep Your Horse Sound

The best physical and management therapy options.

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Equine Alopecia Areata

Researchers at UC Davis have now described this skin disease in horses

The PAST act will prohibit anything on the horse's leg that "moves."

PAST Act Needs Your Support

We need this Bill to become law. What is the hold-up?

Look For Online Pharmacy  Accreditation promo image

Look For Online Pharmacy Accreditation

It helps ensure the pharmacy is the real deal.

Soaring Summer Temperatures Sacramento, CA

Avoid Heat Stress in Your Horse

Summer heat can lead to devastating heat illness- follow these tips to stay safe.

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Resources for Horse Owners

Programs designed to get you and your horse through troubled times

The decision on euthanasia must be made with your horse's best interest at heart.

Euthanasia: Let’s Talk it Over

It’s wise to create a “road map” ahead of time – one to guide us when we’re faced with the painful prospect of putting our horses to sleep.

Equine Occult Sarcoid


If your horse has an abrasion that won't resolve, don't overlook this form of cancer!

The glass limb.

The Glass Horse

A "Must Have" for Horse Enthusiasts

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EOTRH: Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis

If you think it is a mouthful for us, imagine what the horse has to deal with!

Ecovet is definitely different.

Ecovet Fly Spray is Strong

This fly repellent worked like no other product we have ever used.

Credit: lameness-locator-report Courtesy:

Lameness Locator

Gone are the days when the vet just watches your horse trot and then tells you what is wrong!

This ultrasound shows the location of a tear in the superficial digital flexor tendon.

Managing Tendons: It Doesn't Have To Be A Stretch

Your horse will need time to heal, but some high-tech therapies can speed up the process.

Your older horse may appreciate the relief from arthritic joint pain that nutraceuticals can provide.

Joint Products: Some Pricey Ingredients Are Worth Your Money

MSM and HA remain the big-gun superstars in joint products.

Your horse is an athlete and subject to wear and tear.

The Search for an Affordable, Trustable Joint Product

If the product contains recommended levels of ingredients and costs under $2 a serving, it's worth a try. An NASC seal is a bonus.

The equine nasal strip from Flair.

Nasal Strips: They definitely don’t harm

Controversy regarding California Chrome running for the Triple Crown comes down to a 3-inch adhesive strip