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Honi Roberts

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Missouri Fox Trotter

Missouri Fox Trotters are bred for naturally smooth gaits, stamina, and sweet nature. Today, these desirable traits endear the breed to growing numbers of trail riders.

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Arabian Horse Breed

Historically, the Arabian Horse’s survival was dependent on his stamina, courage, and strength. Discriminating owners have allowed only horses that epitomized these characteristics to breed on.

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American Paint Horse

Spanish explorers first brought painted or two toned horses to North America. The Spanish breeds, Barb, Andalusian, and Arabian Horses eventually formed the foundation for the wild mustang herds found throughout the American West. Native Americans prized

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The Haflinger Horse

Haflinger horses stand out among the European warmblood breeds for their stringent examination and approval process. The first Haflinger horse breeds were imported into the United States in 1958.

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Spanish Horse Breeds

We say ole' to four horse breeds from Spain whose blood has enriched and emboldened our modern-day mounts: The Andalusian; the Colonial Spanish Horse; the Paso Fino; and the Peruvian Horse.

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Mountain Horse Breeds

Smooth-gaited Mountain Horse breeds are perfect for trail riding. Here’s what you need to know about these surefooted breeds.

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5 Gaited Crossbreeds

Trail riders enjoy a comfortable ride with the gaited curly horse, gaited mule, gaited pony, tennuvian and walkaloosa horses. Learn how to maximize your on trail experience with these crossbreeds.

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The Mustang

To many, the wild mustang is a symbol of freedom, tenacity, and unbroken spirit. To those who live and work with them, the mustang is so much more.

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The Icelandic Horse

The Icelandic Horse is one of the oldest and purest of equine breeds. Descendants of horses originally brought to Iceland by the Vikings, the breed has remained pure since the 10th century, when a law passed stating that no new livestock could be imported

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Rare and Wonderful

Read about the rare horse breeds of the Bashkir Curly, Kiger Mustang, Mangalarga Marchador, Montana Travler, Norwegian Fjord.

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The Morgan Horse

Morgan Horses are valued by trail riders for their kind, willing natures, sound conformation, stamina, and hearty constitutions.

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The Peruvian Paso Horse

The Peruvian Paso horse is a smooth gaited horse breed with a kind disposition that many horse owners find perfect for trail riding or competitive trail riding.

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The Appaloosa Horse

The Appaloosa horse is a breed of horse associated with the Nez Perce Native American culture. Today they are great trail riding horses for horse owners and have several breed registries.

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The Missouri Fox Trotter Horse Breed

Missouri Fox Trotters have the athleticism of the Quarter Horse, the stamina of the Arabian, and the smooth gait of the Tennessee Walking Horse. Learn about the Missouri Fox Trotters and why they make such great trail horses.

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American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse will take you confidently down any trail. Find out whether the Quarter Horse is right for you.

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The Paint Horse

Paint Horse aficionados profess: While the Paint Horse's colorful coat initially attracts their attention, the breed's easygoing temperament, sturdy conformation, versatility, and natural aptitude for the trail are what capture their hearts.


The Arabian and Half-Arabian

Find out why these "Drinkers of the Wind" are tailor-made for recreational and competitive trail riding, and learn how to select an Arabian that's right for you.