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Kids and Horses

What's being done to bring more kids into the world of horses? Quite a lot, actually.

Fly masks, like this Farnam model, provide much-needed relief from pests. Photo courtesy of Farnam

Fly Masks

Here are tips from Horse&Rider magazine for using fly masks to protect your horse?s face from flies and gnats.

Administering an oral paste dewormer every few weeks used to be the standard protocol for parasite control; now experts recommend a more thoughtful, targeted approach using fecal egg counts. Photo by Kevin McGowan

Horse Deworming: A Modern Approach

Rules for parasite control have changed in recent years. Here, your questions answered.


Feed Room Conveniences

Consider these smart (and inexpensive) touches for an organized, accessible feed room.

Horse Abuse and Point-of-View Blindness promo image

Horse Abuse and Point-of-View Blindness

Commentary by senior editor Jennifer Forsberg Meyer about how point-of-view blindness can cause problems in the horse industry.

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The School Horse Rider

Looking for a fun, effective, inexpensive way to learn to ride? Consider the school-horse program -- it has more to offer than you think.