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Credit: Photo courtesy of Yosemite Hospitality

Thrifty Summer Fun

Enjoy your horses this summer, while keeping an eye on your budget.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson Armed with information—both scientific and anecdotal—you can decide if barefoot is right for your horse.

Barefoot or Shod?

Make the right choice for your horse with insight from a barefoot expert and three riders who’ve tried both options.

Credit: Photo by Alana Harrison Riding offers stress relief, but so do your other horse activities. Here’s how to take advantage of some good ways to chill out.

Stress Rx

Need to unwind? Here are eight great ways to do it with your horse.

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Summer Horsewear

Check out cool and comfy products to help your horse beat the heat and bugs this summer.

Cushing's Disease in Horses promo image

Cushing's Disease in Horses

In 2003, contributing editor Jennifer von Geldern had a scary experience with her horse: An injection-site infection threatened his life. It took a second opinion--and a surprise diagnosis of Cushing's Disease--to save him.