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Jessica Jahiel, PhD

29 Essential Trailer Tips promo image

29 Essential Trailer Tips

If you’re ready to invest in a trailer for more trail riding freedom, use our shopping tips and trailer safety checklist to help keep your horse safe and comfortable on the road.

Winter Prep: Fall Barn-Chore Checklist promo image

Winter Prep: Fall Barn-Chore Checklist

This checklist of fall horse chores is important to make sure you, your horse, and your barn are ready for the coming winter weather. This checklist of fall horse-chore will help you organize your winter preparation effort.

Bitless Bridle from Barefoot Saddles promo image

Bitless Bridle from Barefoot Saddles

The German-made Amber Head Stall 2-in-1, from Barefoot Saddles, is a versatile sidepull combining a leather headstall and chin strap with a hand-braided browband, noseband, and throatlatch

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7 Steps to Horse-Buying Success

Plan, observe, and test-ride to maximize your chances of bringing home exactly the right trail horse for you.

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Go Gaited! Tennessee Walking Horse FAQs

Looking for a smooth, comfortable ride down the trail? Consider a Tennessee Walking Horse.

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10 Gaited-Horse Myths: Busted!

Our expert counters false assumptions about smooth-gaited horses with fact-based truths in this Trail Rider Magazine article.

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10 Saddle-Fit Tips for Your Next Trail Ride

Use these at-a-glance saddle-fit tips to enhance your and your horse's comfort on trail riding adventures.

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Trail Bridles and Bits

To determine what is best for your horse, learn all about different bits, from snaffle, to curb to port bits. Learn about the bosal, vosal and hackamore. Plus learn our tips for the best trail riding bit and bridle set up.

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The Tennessee Walking Horse

Thinking of adding a Tennessee Walking Horse to your stable? Plain-shod Tennessee Walking Horses are sound, sane, smooth, and naturally gaited.