As more and better hoof-boot designs begin to hit the market, horse owners will find it easier to explore the no-shoes option. Boots aid in the transition from shoes to barefoot, plus provide ongoing protection when horses are ridden over the roughest ground.

Strategies for 'Going Bare'

Making the transition from shod to barefoot is about to get easier, especially for the toughest cases.

Laminitis: Do's and Don'ts promo image

Laminitis: Do's and Don'ts

A laminitis flare-up is call-the-vet time. What else should you know and do? Read on.

Fly Masks promo image

Fly Masks

Tips for using fly masks to protect your horse's face from flies and gnats.

Fly-Control Battle Plan promo image

Fly-Control Battle Plan

Take arms! Here's a roundup of fly-fighting strategies to help you prepare for summer's bug battles.

Horse Hair: Whorl Patterns promo image

Horse Hair: Whorl Patterns

There may be a link between the hair swirl or 'whorl' patterns on horses' hair coats and their temperaments.

Learn About Slow Feeders promo image

Learn About Slow Feeders

Learn about the benefits of using slow feeders for your horses.

Fear of Riding? promo image

Fear of Riding?

Tips on building trust in your horse so you can reduce your fear while riding.

Riding can improve your fitness, and fitness can improve your riding. Follow these guidelines to improve your balance and effectiveness as a rider. | Photo by Darrell Dodds

Get Fit, Ride Better

Getting into better shape can make you a better rider. Our weight-training exercises are guaranteed to work--and they take just minutes a week.

Handy Barn Items for Grooming and Health promo image

Handy Barn Items for Grooming and Health

Born-again grooming and health care items for the budget-conscious horseowner.