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Fly-Mask Face-Off

Be prepared when the flies invade your barn by choosing the perfect fly mask for your horse. These new, innovative covers offer fresh designs and features for almost every situation.

I’ve approached my horse like I’m on a mission, and my horse isn’t reacting well. Any time you approach a horse like you’ll do something to him, he’ll try to flee.

Overcome Chronic Spooking

Ty Brazeal offers advice to help a horse past his tendency to spook at what the rider calls “everything,” despite her best efforts to desensitize the horse to the upsetting stimuli.

Horse shopping can be stressful. Be sure to try the horse under the conditions in which he’ll be used—on the trail for a recreational-riding horse, for example.

Choosing a Trail Horse in 7 Steps

If you aren’t gifted with the Midas touch when it comes to horse shopping, Pat Parelli offers tips to ensure that your next purchase fits the bill.

The rider successfully drives her horse forward and extends the jog by pulling her belly button toward her spine, keeping her weight over her horse’s hind end, and “riding from behind.”

Get Your Horse’s Rear in Gear

Linda Parelli tells a reader to straighten up to get her horse to drive from behind.

Rub your horse’s leg while it’s on the ground, to indicate that he can relax and stand still with all four feet.

Self-Lifting Feet

Pat Parelli shares the steps to overcome resistance when picking up a horse’s feet.

Find the horse most interested in being caught, and halter him first—even if he’s not your mount. Work through the rest of the group, catching the next easiest, one after another.

Makeover Your Hard-to-Catch Horse

Pat Parelli offers insight into why a horse might be hard to catch, and how to change his behavior for a more enjoyable relationship.

The process of getting a horse comfortable with clippers is one that can take a long time, depending on how quickly he accepts each step in the desensitization process.

Ease Your Horse’s Fear of Clippers

Julie Goodnight shares her technique for helping a horse get over uneasiness with the sights, sound, and feeling of being clipped.

Pump Up Your Horsemanship promo image

Pump Up Your Horsemanship

These exercises will enhance your riding balance, to improve your position in the saddle.

Avoid 7 Types of Trail Riding Problems promo image

Avoid 7 Types of Trail Riding Problems

Learn how to avoid seven problematic situations on trail rides--and how to get out of them as safely as possible if they do catch you by surprise.