Julie Goodnight

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Banish the Buck

Does your horse balk and buck when he doesn’t want to work? Fix this vice with top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight’s expert advice.

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How to Pony with Confidence

Learn how and why to pony a second horse behind you while you’re on the trail with top clinician/trainer Julie Goodnight.

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Horses Pawing in the Trailer

Do you have trouble with your horses pawing while in the trailer? Check out this Q&A with Julie Goodnight.

Credit: Heidi Melocco Top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

Stand Still and Chill

When mounted up on a trail ride, teach your horse to stand still until you give a cue to move with this technique from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.

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Stirrups: They Aren't a Foot Rest

Stirrups aren?t just a resting place for your feet when you're horseback. That's why appropriate stirrup length is important for safety, balance and correct riding skills.