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Clinton Anderson Tour Stop:  Williamston, NC promo image

Clinton Anderson Tour Stop: Williamston, NC

One of our contributors blogs about attending an Anderson clinic.

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Media Critique: The Alchemy of Lightness

Dominique Barbier and Dr. Maria Katsamanis give us the impetus we need to seek joy in our lives and in our horses.

With PD the police dog on his heels, Bill Richey releases a smoke bomb, while the clinic riders circle them.

New Experiences: De-Spooking Clinic

A recent Bill Richey de-spooking clinic shows desensitizing truly does build trust between horse and rider.

Cashel's Soft Saddle G2 offers a comfortable secure ride.

Soft Saddle G2 Has Its Place in the Tack Room

It offers light weight, easy care and a low price.