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Kathryn O'Brien

Riding Vacation in France: Day 5

Au revoir (sob!): Kathryn O'Brien nears the end of her magical ride through the Loire Valley, with some lively canters and a visit to a charming French winery.

Riding Vacation in France: Day 4

Kathryn O'Brien picks up "excess luggage" as she continues to enjoy the French cuisine and souvenir shops on her riding trip through the Loire Valley region.

Riding Vacation in France: Day 3

Kathryn O'Brien out-gallops a thunderstorm and learns of buried treasure that dates back to 1658 on the third day of her riding trip through France's Loire Valley.

Riding Vacation in France: Day 2

In her second postcard from her riding vacation in France's Loire Valley, Kathryn O'Brien marvels at the Chateau de Verrerie (complete with moat) and meets a count with his own private forest.

Riding Vacation in France

Adventurer Kathryn O'Brien saddles up for another European riding vacation. Join her as she explores Paris before embarking on a week-long trail ride along France's Brittany Sea Coast.