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Kristie Allison and Chevy

Rediscovering Horses

Frequent contributor Kristie Allison describes how it feels to be back in the saddle on a leased horse after a 20-year hiatus.

Roy with Trigger. Photo by Bettmann/CORBIS

Television Horses I Have Loved

Kristie Allison fondly recalls Silver, Scout, Buttermilk, Trigger as well as many other horses from famous television programs from her youth.

Leading Cherokee to his new home. Photo Kristie Allison

Getting My First Horse

On her 16th birthday, Kristie Allison chose a horse over a '67 Mustang--and her life was forever changed.

Kristie's and Merry's horses in Summer 1972 | Courtesy Kristie Allison

Pard'ners and Best Friends

DiscoverHorses contributor Kristie Allison recalls the horse-related mischief she and her best friend concocted while they were in high school.


Confessions of a Tack Hoarder

As I enter into what I like to refer to as my third era of horsemanship, I look around and it dawns on me that although I no longer own horses I could easily tack up three of them.

Kristie Allison and Cherokee

Horses and Flying Saucers Don't Mix

Kristie Allison's scheme to combine sledding and riding does not work out exactly as planned.

16-year-old Kristie Allison gets her first horse.

A Reader's Story: Kristie Allison

"To say I was 'horse crazy' in the 60?s is like saying War and Peace is a good book or the Mona Lisa is a nice painting," she writes.