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What to do first when your horse colicks

Call your veterinarian at the first signs of abdominal pain---but as you wait, take steps to keep your horse comfortable and prevent his condition from getting worse.


What to do if your horse becomes overheated

When temperatures are soaring and humidity is high, even normal activities can lead to heat exhaustion. If that happens, you’ll need to take quick action to save his life.


What to do for a horse with choke

When your horse develops an obstruction in his esophagus, doing the wrong thing can turn a relatively minor event into a potentially life-threatening problem.


What to do when your horse has a puncture wound

They may look harmless enough on the surface, but puncture wounds can lead to serious infections and other complications.


What to do when your horse ties up

If your horse develops severe muscle cramping, call your veterinarian, then keep him still and comfortable until help arrives.


On watch for dog flu

Two strains of canine influenza are causing outbreaks across the country. But you can take steps to protect your dog.

Treatment Options for Supernumerary Teeth promo image

Treatment Options for Supernumerary Teeth

Research indicates that the removal of extra teeth is necessary only if the horse's health or dental function is influenced. By Laurie Bonner for EQUUS magazine.

Horses active in local competition may benefit from supplemental concentrates. |

How Much Grain Does Your Horse Need?

Consider your horse's activity level when feeding concentrated meals of grain or pelleted or extruded meals.