Lee Foley

The sheet-style Rambo New market cooler is wonderful for your bottom cooler layer, but for the top you'll want a traditional square cooler that goes over the neck, too.

Bathing Your Horse in Winter

Waterless shampoos have their place in our barn.

The manual-fill tank was just the ticket, since our priority was ensuring palatable water year round.

Solar Water Trough

This sun-powered tank helps you "go green," making pasture water simpler - even in the winter.

Media Critique: Kottas On Dressage promo image

Media Critique: Kottas On Dressage

A brilliant book for all English riders

A GFI outlet.

Heated Water Hose

Water flowed in below-zero temperatures.

Unfortunately, most horses leave a lot to be desired when it comes to choosing a bath.

Give Your Horse A Hott Wash

Coleman will give you warm water quickly, but it's better suited for tack and making mashes.


Hoof Crack: Fill `er Up

The SBS Crack Filler Kit proved helpful - if directions are followed to the letter.

We believe the Natural Feeder is a comfortable way to slow feed hay.

This Feeder Gets It Right

Our test horses were attracted to it.

Media Critique: Jane Savoie's Dressage 101 promo image

Media Critique: Jane Savoie's Dressage 101

This woman really shines as an instructor.

Pitch Fork Decisions promo image

Pitch Fork Decisions

It’s time for a change.