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Margaret Freeman

Christmas Portrait promo image

Christmas Portrait

Did you get a great Christmas gift?

GumBits are expensive. Still, if your horse grinds you may find that they are worth every penny.

GumBits For Grinding

A powerful little helper.

Quiet Hands promo image

Quiet Hands

Over-busy hands throw the formula out of whack.

The Ideal Equine Winter Wardrobe promo image

The Ideal Equine Winter Wardrobe

Your horse's closet needs diversity.

Horse Journal OnCall: Winter Neck Covers promo image

Horse Journal OnCall: Winter Neck Covers

My horse loses his mane every winter.

Products That Help You Stick to Your Tack promo image

Products That Help You Stick to Your Tack

They may even improve your stability in the saddle.

Drying Blankets promo image

Drying Blankets

This simple appliance provides warm, dry blankets for your horses in even foul weather conditions.

stitch in time

Horse Blanket Repairs: A Sticky Situation

Glues and adhesive tapes can be used for small repairs that will take your blankets through spring.

Horse Journal OnCall: Slipping In Stirrups promo image

Horse Journal OnCall: Slipping In Stirrups

The stirrup pad can make quite a difference.

Even a Great Equestrian Facility Needs Local Amenities promo image

Even a Great Equestrian Facility Needs Local Amenities

Tryon Resort and Equestrian Center needs nearby resturants and hotels.

This horse is cantering and straight. Look at his hooves.

Straightness is Always a Goal

But not everyone understands what that really means when you ride.


A Lesson in Shortening Your Reins

You may find you need to keep reminding yourself.

If you're comfortable, you will ride better.

When It's Hot, It's Hot

And if jackets are excused, take advantage of it.


Getting the Horse’s Cooperation

Should we be asking for submission or cooperation?

Our barn is full of positive-thinking people.

Barn Drama

It doesn’t have to be a problem in a boarding barn.

The western dressage score sheet doesn't include impulsion.

Judging Western Dressage

A new USEF division shows a growing interest in Western Dressage.

It's a lot more comfortable to show without a jacket when temps are high.

Swimming Through Summer Heat

Showing when the temps go past 90 requires fitness.

Where Horse Hurt Final

Media Critique: Where Does My Horse Hurt?

An excellent resource for anyone considering chiropractic work for their horse.

A clean, clear riding arena is a joy to all.

Low-Tech Arena Maintenance

Picking manure from the arena is worth the (group) effort.

Fly fishing improved my whip technique while longeing my horse.

Longe Whip Techniques

A day spent fly fishing helps hone longe whip techniques.

Bit-Metal Choices promo image

Bit-Metal Choices

It absolutely does make a difference to your horse.

Trading short shanks for long shanks.

Grand Prix Dressage Training

The buttons are there; now I need to get with the groove.

My great stepstool find.

Bargains Not Found at the Tack Shop

I positively love finding a bargain or a useful item out of its usual context.

An "orange" horse?

It's That Time of Year

Orange is becoming the new grey.

App Hygiene at the Barn

No, not grooming your Appaloosa but closing background apps on the cell phone that rob battery power.

Helmet Saves Another Top Rider

A safety helmet once again proves its value in a riding accident.

The USDF added Training Level freestyles last year.

Freestyles for 2014

I am trying to decide if I can fit a freestyle into the schedule for this year.

Duct tape is a great emergency fix for broken zippers (maybe due to wrinkles!).

Zipper Riding Boot Care

Zippers fail at the most inconvenient times.

No one will argue male and female bodies aren't different, but is it an issue in saddle design?

Saddles For Women

Shopping: There are basic biomechanical differences between the sexes that might affect saddle choice.

Freestyles delight spectators at dressage shows, just as they do in skating.

Missing the Olympics Already

The judging of the figure skating has parallels with dressage judging.

I revisit Rosa Bonheur's famous painting every time I go to the Met in NYC.

Revisiting "The Horse Fair"

Metropolitan Museum of Art has wonderful exhibits for horse lovers.

When we started 20 years ago, we couldn't have predicted someone on a phone while riding.

Technology's Influence On Barn Life - Computers, Cell Phones, Veterinary Care

Horse Journal turns 20 years old this month, and we reflect on technology and trends we've seen in horse keeping, like computers and cell phones in barns.


Flying South for the Winter

Windy is enjoying the Florida sun.

Blankets should be taken off and placed back on every day.

Stop Blanket Zap!

Static electricity can give your horse and you quite a charge!


Half-Halts Revisited

You can teach an old rider new tricks.


DVD: 7 Clinics With Buck Brannaman

This series will suit Buck Brannaman fans well.

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Performance Show Coats

We found a new meaning to wash and wear.