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Melinda Folse

Melinda Folse, author of The Smart Woman's Guide to Midlife Horses, shares her experiences since returning to horses at 45. 


All Your Body Needs

"How might you begin to reframe how you regard your physical being in kinder, gentler terms?"

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body promo image

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

"Spending some time learning to separate fact from fiction and truth from 'mounted mythology' can make all the difference in our ride.— Riding Through Thick & Thin."

It’s In There, Dorothy promo image

It’s In There, Dorothy

“Be open to change, to acceptance, to whatever it takes to learn what is real, authentic, true and right —and let go of all that's not.” —Riding Through Thick and Thin

Measure with the right stick (or tape). promo image

Measure with the right stick (or tape).

"It may be okay to weigh more. We DO more. Charts are just guidelines for the undereducated. Look at the real measurements."—Riding Through Thick & Thin

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 12.33.19 PM

Does this horse make my butt look big?

Permanent change to deeply-ingrained body image issues is not only possible, but it may be much easier than we think.

Melinda Celebrating Strength 1

Celebrating Strength—and Commitment to Horsecare

Turn conditioning obstacles into opportunities with just a little more focus on revelry and elbow grease.

On Finding Perspective promo image

On Finding Perspective

“Once you remove the fear of examining your own feelings about your body and the role you are playing in allowing those feelings to sabotage your joy, you’re on the right trail.” —Riding Through Thick and Thin

The Funny Thing About Horses promo image

The Funny Thing About Horses

If you don't think your horse has a sense of humor, you just may be misreading that long face . . .


Sally Swift's Visionary Connections: Now 30 Years Strong

What Sally Swift taught — and her Centered Riding method continues to inform new generations of riders — is crucial to anyone seeking balance, connection and ease in their riding, regardless of discipline!

So . . . as rider conditioning goes . . . promo image

So . . . as rider conditioning goes . . .

Here's help for all you desk jockeys (like me!) struggling with lower back and posture issues

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Seek Now

The farther I travel on this journey, the more I see the mundane things around the care of my horses as a sort of moving meditation, and the actual riding is a place where I always find that word that had once become scarce in my adult vocabulary—joy.

Turn On The Lights promo image

Turn On The Lights

While it’s always a good thing to take on new knowledge and learn about equine science, spending time under a reading light will rarely supply the lightbulb moment that kicks in once you get your boots in the stirrups.

What can regret teach you? promo image

What can regret teach you?

Learning to mine our regrets can open new pathways to positive change


Ride Like a . . . Duck!

Let the puddles be a reminder to follow this great tip for better balance and connection to the movement of your horse!

Take a Breathalyzer Break promo image

Take a Breathalyzer Break

No. Not that kind. (Unless that's an issue, of course.) What we're talking about here is making a deliberate effort in every ride to notice the timing and quality of your breathing.


He's a Noodle

Just one short ride on this fine steed can make all the difference in your sense of how posture and balance exerts directional pressure on your horse you're not even aware of!


Hold Your Horses

Sometimes the best horse time is about just showing up


Horse Pops

Looking for a way to entertain yourself and treat your horse in the deep freeze of winter weather?

Back to the Beginning: Chance Rides promo image

Back to the Beginning: Chance Rides

After nearly a year on the ground rewiring the mind of this 17-year-old gelding, it was time to find out if carrying a rider is in his future.


Back to the Beginning: Part 2

Peeling back years of mistrust, one halting (sometimes tangled) step at a time

Back to Beginning: Part 1 promo image

Back to Beginning: Part 1

Sometimes the journey of trying to solve a horse problem is one best done backwards

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Reconsidering Balance

"Riding is the only sport I know of where one species sits on another."