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Nancy S. Loving DVM

Equine Events and Infectious Disease promo image

Equine Events and Infectious Disease

It only takes one horse shedding a disease and lax biosecurity to cause an infectious disease outbreak at an equine event

Avoid pushing your horse too hard. Condition your horse before asking him to tackle hills in hot weather.

Stay-Cool Strategies

Summertime is an ideal time to hit the trail, but your horse could be in danger of overheating. Help keep him cool with these veterinarian-approved strategies.

How to Handle 5 On-Trail Emergencies

How to handle five trail emergencies: laceration, rope burn, spearing, eye injury, and a twisted shoe. The author gives readers a scenario, what to expect, how to handle it and tips for things horse owners can do in a pinch.

Horse Health Checklist promo image

Horse Health Checklist

By performing a simple pre-ride and post-ride checklist, your horse's body language can tell you if there's a problem. At first, this routine will seem time-consuming and require a lot of thought. But after a few days, it'll enter into your subconscious a