Pat Parelli

Courtesy Horse and Rider

Pat Parelli on Fear of Riding Horses

Fear is probably the least talked about issue with horseback riders.Somehow people are made to feel inadequate or stupid if they have a fear of riding, and yet fear is a very important emotion that deserves respect. Fear keeps you safe; it stops you from doing things that may harm you.

How to Catch a Horse

In terms of how to catch a horse, a great way to start is by changing a horse's opinion of being caught. In order to allow himself to be caught, your horse has to fight the natural instincts that have programmed him to flee from predators and any perception of danger. Don't blame him for running from you; he is acting out of self preservation.

Washing your horse

How to Wash a Horse

Horses hate being clean. Oils and dirt are part of the important skin surface protection horses need against insects and the elements. It?s actually not all that healthy for your horse to be squeaky clean all the time. This may not necessarily be the only?or even the primary? reason why your equine friend hates a horse bath, but it's something to think about.