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Susan Quinn, Esq.

Owning your own trailer means packing up and heading to wherever you want to ride. (Thinkstock)

Hitting the Road With Your Horse: Finding the Right Horse Trailer

We think there are “wrong” choices, but other options depend on the individual buying the horse trailer.

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Automatic Feeders Offer Convenience

And they promote good health. However, they’re expensive.

Love aside, is it worth risking all the time and money you put into training over a small annual premium?

Equine Health Insurance

"Major medical" sounds similar to human health insurance, but it's far more limited.

Determining the honest value of your horse is critical.

Equine Insurance: It’s All About Protection

Like any insurance, it seems like a waste of funds, until you need it.

Mortality: Equine Insurance: it's All About Protection promo image

Mortality: Equine Insurance: it's All About Protection

Like any insurance it seems like waste of funds, until you need it.

A warning sign on your barn may stop some criminals.

Barn Surveillance: Know What’s Out There

Our days of feeling safe in our horse barn are coming to an end, as thefts and break-ins are on the rise.

Would you call this horse "Vicious"?

What a Connecticut Court Case to Declare Horses “Vicious” Could Mean to You

If horses are ruled vicious, a horseowner’s insurance liability needs – and rates – could skyrocket.


Pre-Purchase Trial? Get It in Writing!

"An oral contract is not worth the paper it's written on." - Movie mogul Samuel Goldwyn.