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This horse's shoes were pulled two weeks ago, and his feet are in typical condition for a horse who has been newly barefoot for that amount of time. Even though your barefoot horse's feet will break apart and wear naturally, have your farrier trim him every four weeks.

Strengthen Your Horse's Feet By Pulling His Shoes

If winter weather or your competition schedule has you riding less, right now may be the perfect time to strengthen your horse's feet by pulling his shoes for a few months.

Red lines illustrate the multiple unhealthy angles this foot has developed. I replaced the horse's too-small shoes (upper inset) with rolled-toe heart-bar shoes (lower inset) so his feet can begin to grow at a normal angle (yellow line) that matches the slope of his pastern. | ? Practical Horseman

Underrun Heels in Horses

On a healthy foot, heel and toe grow from the coronary band to the ground at the same angle; when the angle of the heel is less than that of the toe (making it look flattened out), the heels are considered "underrun."

Learn To "Read" Your Horse's Hooves promo image

Learn To "Read" Your Horse's Hooves

Do you know what all those lines, divots and discolorations in the soles of your horse's feet mean? Learn how to "read" his hooves.