Dreams of Tevis

I'm riding Tevis.

I feel all the excitement and nervousness I have every time.? I think about my crew, my friends and family waiting for me at the next vet check.? I urge my mount on as I feel it starting to slow down and become unfocused.? I remark to myself how furry and warm it seems to be...

It's a cat.? A big solid grey cat.? And I'm riding it.

The cat has decided it's just not into this whole racing thing and stopped and wandered off course.? I have to dismount - and suddenly it's a normal-sized cat and that is not at all amazing to me - and start leading the cat.? Dragging it, is more accurate.

And the Tevis course - which I never question - is very odd as it involves jumping fences and cutting through people's backyards.? Dragging a cat.

I start thinking how frustrating it is going to be if I have to haul this cat 100 miles...

I wake up and say outloud into the dark "A cat?!?"