Avoid Seven Types of Trail Riding Problems

Jennifer Paulson for Horse & Rider magazine helps you learn how to avoid seven problematic situations on trail rides--and how to get out of them as safely as possible if they do catch you by surprise.

Proper planning can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a trail ride. Without it, you can wind up in predicaments ranging from inconveniences to serious threats to your safety, as well as that of your horse and your trail-riding pals.

Trail riding. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Trail riding. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Even with proper preparation unexpected situations can arise, and you must act quickly to keep all the horses and humans in your party as safe as possible. Here are a few common problems to keep in mind. If one of these situations sneaks up on you, you'll also be armed with information necessary to get out of it quickly and with as little harm as possible.

Read here to get help for such trail riding problems as hoof blows, getting sucked down into bogs, and surprise stings.