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Counting Calories at the Barn

Use this chart from Practical Horseman magazine to calculate how many calories you're burning at the barn.

Get fit--and slim--while you spend time at the barn and with your horse. To help you out, we've put together this chart of calorie-burning values for common horse-related activities.

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Keep in mind--the more vigorously you perform these exercises, the more you'll maximize the calorie burning benefits. We'll give you the number of calories burned per exercise for a person who is 5'8" and weights 150 lbs. If you have a smaller frame and weight, you'll burn slightly fewer calories; you'll burn slightly more if you have a larger frame and weigh more.

Exercise???????????????????????????? Time Spent????????????????????????? Calories Burned

Vigorously curry your horse, using a circular arm motion.?? 10 minutes ?? 68

Vigorously brush your horse. (Tip: alternate arms). ? 10 minutes??? 46

Walk a 10-foot circle, as you longe your horse. ? 20 minutes??? 79

Briskly hand-walk your horse. (Tip: add wrist or ankle weights for increased calorie-burning and aerobic benefits.) 20 minutes ?? 91

Muck/rebed stall. 20 minutes 159

Push 50-pound load in wheelbarrow. 10 minutes 63

Ride at the walk. ? 20 minutes??? 57

Ride at the trot. (Tip: Posting at a medium trot will burn more calories than sitting at a jog.)?? 10 minutes ?? 74

Ride at the lope.?? 10 minutes??? 93

Sweep/rake. (Tip: For a great waist trimmer, twist your upper body with each stroke, rather than using only your arms. When sweeping with a pushbroom, slightly bend your knees, to push off with your legs into each stroke.) ? 20 minutes??? 91

Unload/stack 100-pound hay bales. (Tip: Protect your back by bending at the knees, and using your legs to lift the load. Consider a back support brace when lifting heavy loads.) ? 20 minutes??? 249

Unload/stack 50-pound straw bales. ? 20 minutes??? 181

Lift/heft 20 pounds (feed/water).?? 30 minutes ?? 153

Lift/heft 40-pound Western saddle on/off horse.?? 10 minutes??? 56

Lift/heft 20-pound English saddle on/off horse.?? 10 minutes?? 46