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Equine Massage Therapy Schools

Here is a list of colleges offering courses in equine massage therapy.

D'Arcy Lane School of Equine Massage

Located in Ontario, Canada, D'AL offers an intensive 2400 hour course, covering anatomy, physiology, theory and technique, business management and more.

Equissage - The Equine Massage School

Teaching the application of massage techniques and massage strokes. Previous knowledge of equine anatomy and physiology required.

Equine Sports Massage

Equine Sports Massage (ESM) is the therapeutic application of professional sports massage techniques to the equine athlete. These techniques were originally designed for human athletes and have been modified and adapted for the equine athlete.

Prairie Winds Equine Massage Therapy College

The Equine Massage Therapy College offers a comprehensive curriculum, which will fully prepare graduates to immediately begin their practice. The course includes not just massage training, but also horse handling training, hoof and leg care, business, anatomy and physiology.