State Horse Councils

Here's a handy reference guide to the state horse councils as they appear in the American Horse Council's 2010 horse industry directory.

Here's a handy reference guide to the state horse councils as they appear in the American Horse Council's?Horse Industry Directory.

Alabama Horse Council
Web: www.alabamahorsecouncil.org

Arizona State Horseman's Association
Web: www.azasha.com

Bay State Trail Riders Association
Web: www.bstra.org

Colorado Horse Council
Web: www.coloradohorsecouncil.com/

Connecticut Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.cthorsecouncil.org

Delaware Equine Council
Web: www.delawareequinecouncil.org

Florida Horse Council
Web: www.floridahorsecouncil.org

Georgia Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.georgiahorsecouncil.com

Greater Houston Horse Council
Web: www.ghhc.com

Idaho Horse Council
Web: www.idahohorsecouncil.com

Horsemen's Council of Illinois
Web: www.horsemenscouncil.org

Indiana Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.indianahorsecouncil.org

Iowa Horse Council
Web: www.iowahorsecouncil.org

Kansas Horse Council
Web: www.kansashorsecouncil.com

Kentucky Horse Council
Web: www.kentuckyhorse.org

Louisana Equine Council
Web: www.laequinecouncil.com

Maryland Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.mdhorsecouncil.org

Michigan Horse Council
Web: www.michiganhorsecouncil.com

Minnesota Horse Council
Web: www.mnhorsecouncil.org

Nassau-Suffolk Horsemen's Association
Web: www.nshaonline.org

Nebraska Horse Council
Web: www.nebraskahorsecouncil.org

New Hampshire Horse Council
Web: www.nhhorsecouncil.com

New Jersey Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.njhorsecouncil.com

New Mexico Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.nmhorsecouncil.org

New York State Horse Council, Inc.
Web: www.nyshc.org

North Carolina Horse Council
Web: www.nchorsecouncil.com

Oklahoma Horse Industry Council, Inc.
Web: www.oklahomahorseindustrycouncil.com

Oregon Horsemen's Association, Inc.
Web: www.oregonhorsemen.com

Pennsylvania Equine Council
Web: www.pennsylvaniaequinecouncil.com

South Carolina Horsemen's Council
Web: www.schorsecouncil.org

Tennessee Horse Council
Web: www.tnhorsecouncil.com

Texas Horse Council
Web: www.texashorsecouncil.com

Utah Horse Council
Web: www.utahhorsecouncil.com

Vermont Horse Council
Web: www.vthorsecouncil.org

Virginia Horse Council
Web: www.virginiahorsecouncil.org

Washington State Horse Council
Web: http://www.bchw.org/lnt/main/WSHC%20NEWS.htm

Wisconsin State Horse Council
Web: www.wisconsinstatehorsecouncil.org