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Learn About Chronic Laminitis in Horses

The risk, prevention, symptoms and treatment of his hoof disease
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Is Your Horse Just Sore? Or Is There Something More?

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Laminitis is laminitis, right? Learn how to identify the signs of slow-onset, chronic laminitis. Download our FREE guide Learn About Chronic Laminitis in Horses: The risk, prevention, symptoms and treatment of this hoof disease.

Did you know that Secretariat, one of the most powerful racehorses ever to exist, died of laminitis, a painful hoof disease?

Unable to cure Secretariat’s laminitis, his owners didn’t want to see him suffer, and so had him put down on Oct. 4, 1989, at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky.

That fact is chilling testament to the seriousness of equine laminitis, one of the more serious horse diseases caused by an inflammation of the soft laminae of a horse’s hooves.

How much do you know about laminitis causes, or laminitis symptoms, or laminitis treatment? Do you know anything about founder in horses? How is founder related to equine laminitis?

The more you know about laminitis and founder in horses, the better you can protect your horse. Find out more by downloading our guide HERE.