U.S. 2004 Olympic Equestrian Team Statistics - Expert advice on horse care and horse riding

U.S. 2004 Olympic Equestrian Team Statistics

Learn more about the riders and horses who will represent the U.S. in dressage, eventing and show jumping.
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Robert Dover
Born: 6/07/1956
Residence: Lebanon, NJ and Wellington, FL
Horse: FBW Kennedy
Breed: Baden-Wirttemberger gelding
Age: 15
Height: 16.1 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owner: Jane Forbes Clark

Debbie McDonald
Born: 8/27/1954
Residence: Hailey, ID
Horse: Brentina
Breed: Hanoverian mare
Age: 13
Height: 16.2 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owners: Parry and Peggy Thomas

Guenter Seidel
Born: 9/23/1960
Residence: Del Mar, CA
Horse: Aragon
Breed: Bavarian gelding
Age: 12
Height: 17.1 hands
Color: Gray
Owners: Dick and Jane Brown

Lisa Wilcox
Born: 9/08/1966
Residence: Cloppenburg, Germany
Horse: Relevant
Breed: Oldenburg stallion
Age: 13
Height: 16.3 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owner: Gestüt Vorwerk

Steffen Peters (alternate)
Born: 9/01/1964
Residence: Solana Beach, CA
Horse: Floriano
Breed: Westphalian gelding
Age: 14
Height: 17 hands
Color: Chestnut
Owner: Melanie Pai, Canaan Ranch

Leslie Morse (alternate)
Born: 11/26/1961
Residence: Beverly Hills, CA
Horse: Kingston
Breed: Dutch Warmblood stallion
Age: 12
Height: 17.2 hands
Color: Bay
Owner: Leslie Morse

Coach: Klaus Balkenhol
Chef d'Equipe: Jessica Ransehousen


Darren Chiacchia
Born: 9/18/1964
Residence: Springville, NY
Horse: Windfall 2
Breed: Trakehner stallion
Age: 12
Color: Black
Owner: Tim Holekamp

Julie Richards
Born: 9/26/1970
Residence: Newnan, GA
Horse: Jacob Two Two
Breed: Canadian Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 16
Color: Bay
Owner: Jim Richards

Kim Severson
Born: 8/23/1973
Residence: Keene, VA
Horse: Winsome Adante
Breed: English Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 11
Color: Bay
Owner: Linda Wachtmeister/Plain Dealing Farm, Inc.

Amy Tryon
Born: 2/24/1970
Residence: Redmond, WA
Horse: Poggio II
Breed: Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 12
Color: Bay

John Williams
Born: 4/04/1965
Residence: Middleburg, VA
Horse: Carrick
Breed: Thoroughbred cross gelding
Age: 12
Color: Chestnut
Owner: John Williams

Will Faudree (alternate)
Born: 10/04/1981
Residence: Southern Pines, NC
Horse: Antigua
Breed: Australian Thoroughbred gelding
Age: 15
Color: Bay

Coach/Chef d'Equipe: Captain Mark Phillips


Chris Kappler
Born: 2/09/1967
Residence: Pittstown, NJ
Horse: Royal Kaliber
Breed: Dutch Warmblood stallion
Age: 12
Color: Bay
Owners: Chris Kappler and Kathleen Kamine

Beezie Madden
Born: 11/20/1963
Residence: Cazenovia, NY
Horse: Authentic
Breed: Dutch Warmblood gelding
Age: 9
Color: Bay
Owners: John Madden Sales and Elizabeth Busch Burke

McLain Ward
Born: 10/17/1975
Residence: Brewster, NY
Horse: Sapphire
Breed: Belgian Warmblood mare
Age: 9
Color: Chestnut
Owners: McLain Ward and Double H Farm

Peter Wylde
Born: 7/30/1965
Residence: Maastricht, Holland
Horse: Fein Cera
Breed: Holsteiner mare
Age: 13
Color: Bay
Owner: Turnabout Farm, Inc.

Alison Firestone (alternate)
Born: 11/25/1976
Residence: Upperville, VA
Horse: Casanova
Breed: Swedish Warmblood gelding
Age: 14
Color: Roan
Owners: Mr. and Mrs. Bertram R. Firestone

Lauren Hough (alternate)
Born: 4/11/1977
Residence: Ocala, FL
Horse: Clasiko
Breed: Holsteiner gelding
Color: Bay
Owner: Clasiko Group

Coach/Chef d'Equipe: Frank Chapot