Reed Kessler: Showing in Chantilly, Day Three

Olympic show jumping team member Reed Kessler blogs about her rounds on Grey Goose and Mika in the first two days at GCT Chantilly 5* in Chantilly, France.

July 21, 2012 -- 4 fault horse show!

OK, I am on a mission to jump clean tomorrow. I've had one of those horse shows where both Goose and Mika are jumping really well, and I've been right up there in terms of time but one down both days. Yesterday, Mika looked down at an airy vertical and really lost his form at it. He has such an amazing front end I don't think I've ever ever had him hang his legs quite like that. I think he was a bit shaken up by it. He jumped well in the grand prix today but had three rails.

The first round was very big-- the course designer said it was Olympic dimensions. I had to go first so I was trying to be quick not knowing if the time would be tight and I clipped the third jump behind. Then the bogey jump was the triple combination set right on the slope downhill, oxer, oxer, vertical. I had the back rail of A and then C down. After that, he relaxed a bit and jumped the end well.

Beezie was fantastic and finished second on Simon. Those two have become a really unbeatable pair and all three of her rounds were riding lessons to all who watched. Go teammate!! The Americans did great in general--Laura and Cedric finished in the top 5, I believe and I think Saer Coulter got a ribbon too!

Even though I had a few rails I'm still so glad I got to come here and do the five star. Besides the fact that it is a beautiful show, it is really important that I got to jump a big course over here even though it was not on my Olympic mount Cylana.

Bertha and Onisha are staying at a friend's farm nearby. While Mika and Goose love a vacation, the girls hate it. Both of them are show horses and start to get very cranky when they are at home too long. I rode them first thing this morning. Onisha was much better today than yesterday to flat--yesterday she threw a bit of a temper tantrum trying to drag me to some of the jumps set up in the ring!

Cylana flatted beautifully and felt great in her new shoes (she was shod yesterday). Cylana was really jealous that Mika got to do the grand prix but I think by the end of the Olympic week, she will appreciate the rest time she had before it! Actually, if she feels the way she did at the end of the trials in Florida she'll be ready to do the championship a second time over!

So tomorrow I am on a mission in this last 1.50 class! Cross your fingers for me! Afterwards we all drive to Holland and fly out Monday morning for accreditation in London and come back that night. Last class before the Olympics!

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