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Talking Equine Plans Rolex Kentucky Podcasts

The Talking Equine Show and will present daily online radio shows from the 2007 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.
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April 20, 2007 -- The Talking Equine Show at in conjunction with is pleased to announce a first--daily podcasts (online radio shows) from this year's Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. The shows will air nightly from April 25-29 on both websites.

Join us every day of the event as we bring interviews with top riders, grooms, judges and spectators right to your computer. Each daily show will end with a wrap up of the day and the current standings. The shows are recorded, so you can listen any time--day or night.

The Talking Equine Show is a podcast, which is the newest form of online radio, enabling Internet users to listen to the show directly on, or via download to their iPod or mp3 players; hence the term "podcast."

The Rolex podcasts will also be available on Rolex show hosts include John Nunn, president of Bit of Britain Saddlery; Glenn "the Geek", webmaster for; and Krissy Colett, marketing representative for Nunn Finer Products and a former groom of Bonnie Mosser's. While The Talking Equine Show hosts are immersed in the horse world to varying degrees, they each bring a unique perspective to the show that makes their enthusiasm contagious.

Listen to current and past episodes at and watch for the Rolex podcasts April 25-29 there and on! Plus, don't miss Nancy Jaffer's in-depth postcards from Rolex on April 27-29.