Equine Network Employee Riding Challenge

Equine Network Riding Challenge

Hey Equine Network employees!

This Riding Challenge is just for you as a way to get us in the saddle before the holidays and have a chance at some extra holiday cash. All you have to do is ride your horse (or the horse you lease or borrow) 20 times between October 8th and November 19th. All Equine Network employees who meet the 20 ride minimum will be entered to win a $200 gift card.


  1. Sign up for the Equine Network Riding Challenge by submitting the simple form below. We will reach out to participants using this email address for weekly check-ins, so be sure your information is correct! Sign up by Fri, October 8th.
  2. Download the Equilab App to track your riding sessions. See the how-to video at the bottom of the page about the App if you are unfamiliar.
  3. Ride your horse and track your sessions.
    1. All 20 rides must be done on the same horse between Friday, October 8th and Friday, November 19th to qualify. (To keep the playing field fair for those who have access to one horse vs those who have access to dozens of horses, you must ride the same horse for all 20 rides.)
    2. Each session must be at least 20 minutes long to count towards your total.
  4. Log your rides from the previous week in our weekly check-in form. The check-in form will be emailed to you each Friday morning Oct 15 - Nov 19.

It's that easy! TWO LUCKY WINNERS will be randomly selected from those that complete all 20 rides to receive a $200 Visa Gift Card from the company. (Thanks for your support, Connie!) 

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  • Download the Equilab App from your app store. The free version is more than fine for our purposes!
  • Add your horse to the app under your "Profile". 
  • Track your rides with the App either by hitting the "Start" button when you begin riding or by manually entering your work with the "+" button. 
  • Screenshot your riding sessions from the "Trends" page for the last 7 days. Submit your rides weekly to complete the challenge. Reminder: we will send you a form to fill out each Friday to submit your rides. 

If you have questions about how to use the App, reach out to Katie or Carly. kclinebell@equinenetwork.com or cbarrick@equinenetwork.com.

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