Famous Riders and Their Horses

Famous Riders and their Horses' Names! Test your knowledge of famous riders and their famous horses with this test from EquiSearch.com contributor, Larry Tritten.

When EquiSearch contributor Larry Tritten discovered he didn't know the name of Rex Allen's horse, he began a search to find out -- and uncovered a lot of other horse trivia, too. Now Tritten challenges you to name these famous riders and their equally famous horses.

Rex Allen |

Rex Allen |

1. Tom Mix's horse's name was:

A. Tony
B. Soupy
C. Cody
D. Slate

2. Leonard Slye was a cowboy movie star whose screen name was ________, and his horse's name was ______:

A. Roy Rogers,Trigger
B. Gene Autry, Blaze
C. Little Joe, Sport
D. Rex Rhodes, Blackie

3. Annie Oakley's horse's name was:

A. Bullseye
B. Honcho
C. Target
D. Apache

4. Ken Maynard's horse's name was:

A. Stoney
B. Tarzan
C. Big Boy
D. Pal

Gene Autry |

Gene Autry |

5. Gene Autry's horse's name was:

A. Charger
B. Champion
C. Apollo
D. Boss

6. Robert E. Lee's horse's name was:

A. Flyer
B. Strider
C. Traveller
D. Chief

7. Ulysses S. Grant's horse's name was:

A. Trooper
B. Joe
C. Dynamite
D. Cincinnati

8. The name of the winged horse of the muses was:

Dale Evans |

Dale Evans |

A. Pegasus
B. Eagle
C. Electra
D. Augustus

9. Dale Evan's horse's name was:

A. Champ
B. Buttermilk
C. Beauty
D. Dreamy

10. Napoleon's white horse's name was:

A. Messr. Blanc
B. Marengo
C. Albino
D. Poulet

11. The Lone Ranger's horse's name was:

A. Tonto
B. Ghost
C. Silver
D. Sparky

12. The name of Odin's eight-legged horse was:

A. Zephyr
B. Sleipnur
C. Sythe
D. Crail

13. Robert "Little Beaver" Blake's horse's name was:

A. Indian
B. Brave
C. Chief
D. Papoose

14. Zorro's black horse's name was:

A. Tornado
B. Stormy
C. Blaze
D. Lightning

15. Hopalong Cassiday's horse's name was:

A. Goldie
B. Topper
C. Savvy
D. Fire

16. Caligula's horse's name was:

A. Ignacious
B. Incitatus
C. Tantalus
D. Lucius

17. Allan "Rocky" Lane's horse's name was:

A. Flight
B. Speedy
C. Birdsong
D. Feather

18. Tonto's horse's name was:

A. Powwow
B. Scout
C. Cloud
D. Brave

19. The name of the character who rode the horse named Chubby on Bonanza was:

A. Hoss
B. Little Joe
C. Boss Cartwright
D. Daniel

20. Alexander the Great's horse's name was:

A. Alexis
B. Cassius
C. Bucephalus
D. Pontius

ANSWERS: 1-A, 2-A, 3-C, 4-B, 5-B, 6-C, 7-D, 8-A, 9-B, 10-B, 11-C, 12-B, 13-D, 14-A, 15-B, 16-B, 17-D, 18-B, 19-A, 20-C

SCORING:19-20 correct: Approximately the equivalent of winning the Triple Crown. If you were at the track they would be approaching you right now with that huge floral wreath.

15-18 correct: You've cleared most of the hurdles and are still sitting relatively tall in the saddle. Practice, you should be reminded, makes perfect.

10-15 correct: If you were a bronc rider, you'd be skedaddling away from the horse that just threw you after a four-second ride--but you can take consolation in the fact that you tried the ride.

10 or fewer correct: It's time to start watching some old westerns.

By the way, Rex Allen's horse was Koko.