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Find an AQHA Instructor

Ready to mount up and go? Not so fast. Before you choose an instructor you need to ask yourself some questions about your goals, your budget, the style of riding you want to do, and the amount of time you can devote to riding. When you've made those decisions, the American Quarter Horse Association can help you find the right instructor.

The AQHA recommends that you start with a reputable instructor to teach you the basics of riding. Ask yourself these questions first:?

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What are my riding goals?

Do I want to be more comfortable on a horse and ride recreationally??Do I want to learn to ride Western or English? Do I want to participate in horse shows?

How much time do I have for riding?

No matter what your goal, you should ride at least one time per week, possibly more. Although a lesson lasts approximately an hour, an important part of the learning is how to groom and tack/untack the horse, which adds another hour.Private lessons range from $40-80/hr. for beginners. Semi-private lessons and group lessons range from $20 - 50/hr. You'll also be investing in the proper attire, from jeans to boots to safety helmets.

What is my budget for lessons, clothing and gear?

Questions to ask an instructor:

Do you work with beginners? How long have you been teaching? How many years have you been involved with horses? Do you teach children? Adults? Can we ride together? What are your prices?Do you offer private, semi-private, group lessons? Can I watch you teach a lesson? Can you give me some references - other students, resume etc.?

Take the next step:

Search the American Quarter Horse Association's list of professional instructors or find an AQHA affiliate in your state.

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