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Absorbine 125th Anniversary


This year, Absorbine® is celebrating an important milestone— and a legacy that began with a truly extraordinary couple: Mary Ida and Wilbur F. Young. This page will share their story in a series of entries starting at the very beginning!

Barbara Young & Jessica Young

Chapter 11: Young Women

The women of the family have been the heart and soul of W.F. Young Company.

Tyler-Young-W.F. Young

Chapter 10: Young Turk

Tyler Young pulled into the company parking lot, killing the ignition and sitting for a moment, lost in thought. Hard to believe it had been more than two decades since his Dad died and Tyler took the helm at the age of 27.


Chapter 9: A Young Team

Wilbur Young III and Donald Smith of W.F. Young expand the company’s product lines and image.


Chapter 8: Young Blood

Wilbur F. Young III’s innovations strengthen the company


Chapter 7: Young Traditions

A third generation guides the business in new directions while never forgetting the past

MIY in Black Chiffon Dress 1920's

Chapter 4: Young Once

Mary Ida bravely faces her future, and the company’s, after Junior’s sudden death


Chapter 3: You’re Only As Young As You Feel

The W.F. Young Co., and Mary Ida, survive tough times.


Chapter 2: A Wise Head On Young Shoulders

Wilbur Young, Jr. contributes to the family business at the ripe old age of five.

Mary Ida reading on couch

Chapter 1: Young At Heart

A couple’s passion fuels a 125 year dedication to enhance animal care and wellness.