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Buckle Up for Blanket Season

2016’s best blankets.

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The Equine 401(k)

Do you have a plan for your horse’s retirement? Follow my tips for easing your horse out of work during his golden years.

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Essential Etiquette for Trail Rides

‘Mrs. Trail Manners’ tells you what you need to know to have a pleasant cross-country ride—and be invited back.


Fly-Mask Face-Off

Be prepared when the flies invade your barn by choosing the perfect fly mask for your horse. These new, innovative covers offer fresh designs and features for almost every situation.

Credit: Photo by Alexis Bennett Do you have a “pasture ornament” or two around your place? Our five strategies will help keep rarely ridden horses from going completely to seed.

The Rarely Ridden Horse

Use these five strategies from our experts to keep your seldom-ridden horse tuned-up and connected with you.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson Armed with information—both scientific and anecdotal—you can decide if barefoot is right for your horse.

Barefoot or Shod?

Make the right choice for your horse with insight from a barefoot expert and three riders who’ve tried both options.


Which Blanket's Best

Use our flowchart to find out which category your horse’s living situation falls into, and then find the perfect blanket that’ll keep him warm, dry, and cozy this winter.

With good planning and a few extra touches, you can turn your trailer into a personalized, all-purpose base of operations—and have some fun while doing it.

Trailer Tricks

Here’s how to maximize your base of operations when your parked trailer has to do it all.

Credit: Photo by Jennifer Paulson This leather back cinch is fitted properly—not too loose nor too tight. It fastens to the rear billet midway up the horse’s side with room for adjustment up or down. The connecting hobble is tightened to keep the cinch slightly forward of vertical and away from the flanks.

Western Back Cinches: Key Facts

For safety’s sake, select, use, and clean your saddle’s back cinch with care.

In the undesirable “chair seat” (left), your legs are too far forward. The stirrup-stand exercise will correct a chair seat, but not if performed incorrectly (middle). The panel on the right shows proper body alignment for a correct stirrup-stand to improve your balance.

Supercharge Your Balance

This stirrup-stand exercise will boost your confidence by improving your position and your balance in the saddle.


Make Over Your Bad Hauler

Here’s how to improve your hauling habits to get rid of your horse’s trailer troubles once and for all.


Out of (Saddle) Shape

Stay in riding shape through the winter with tips from rider-workout specialist Kelly Altschwager.

Credit: Photo by Alana Harrison Riding offers stress relief, but so do your other horse activities. Here’s how to take advantage of some good ways to chill out.

Stress Rx

Need to unwind? Here are eight great ways to do it with your horse.


Upcycle Your Feed Sacks

Before you toss out these everyday items, check out the many ways you can re-use them.

Rub your horse’s leg while it’s on the ground, to indicate that he can relax and stand still with all four feet.

Self-Lifting Feet

Pat Parelli shares the steps to overcome resistance when picking up a horse’s feet.

Gift Ideas for Riders promo image

Gift Ideas for Riders

Fun to give, great to get, these gift inspirations will help you delight every rider on your list.

Find the horse most interested in being caught, and halter him first—even if he’s not your mount. Work through the rest of the group, catching the next easiest, one after another.

Makeover Your Hard-to-Catch Horse

Pat Parelli offers insight into why a horse might be hard to catch, and how to change his behavior for a more enjoyable relationship.

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Summer Horsewear

Check out cool and comfy products to help your horse beat the heat and bugs this summer.

Blanket-Repair Tips promo image

Blanket-Repair Tips

During winter months, your horse's winter blanket can end up torn or in tatters, but replacing it can be a bank-account buster. Since your horse isn’t going to mend his ways, learn how to do a little mending yourself. Here are some tips.

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Online Horse Communities

The Internet and online communities are booming, so if you're interested in talking horses online, becoming part of a community or finding information, this article will help you navigate the world wide web for horses more smoothly.