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Rescue Partnership Gives Horses a Second Chance

July 11, 2012 ? With the recent economic challenges, horses have been one of the silent victims of the downturn. All across the country, horse owners are voluntarily surrendering their animals, putting a huge burden on rescue organizations. But out of this crisis, some organizations have partnered with veterinary clinics and become a safe haven for these animals.

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American Horse Council

Millions of Americans enjoy recreational and trail riding each year. The American Horse Council (AHC) works to make sure that equestrians have access to America?s public land now and continue to have access in the future.

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Conservation Easements: What Are They And How Can Horse Farm Owners Benefit From Their Use?

Conservation easements have been utilized as a primary tool for land protection in the United States for many years. Federal, state and estate tax incentives as well as personal desire to restrict wide-scale development, continues to increase such protection of land and landscapes, benefitting wildlife, recreationists, farmers and equine related industries.

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Horsing Around--Therapy That Is Fun

Equine-assisted therapy. Hippotherapy. Therapeutic riding. These are all terms that have specific definitions, but they share a common goal of helping the disabled become enabled through interaction with horses, whether it?s riding, grooming, touching, or just being near the corral watching.