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A Horse Of Your Own

?Try to find the safest and best-trained horse your money can buy,? advises Julie Goodnight (shown). ?You?ll love a horse that makes you feel safe.? Photo by Heidi Melocco

Six Key Horse-Hunting Questions

Looking for a new trail horse? Here are six key questions to ask the owner from top trainer/clinician Julie Goodnight.


Easing Your Horse into Retirement

Putting an old horse ?out to pasture? is unnecessary and even unwise. Instead, consider his needs as well as your own and craft a customized retirement plan that keeps him active and content.

Courtesy Horse&Rider magazine

Enjoy Your Horse on a Budget

Tightened your belt, but still hungry for fun? Check out these appealing, affordable horsey activities that won't hurt your budget.

Video: AQHA Fundamental Halter Training

Pressure and release are the two foundations of teaching your horse how to yield to the halter. Pressure motivates and release teaches.


AQHA Beginners Guide to Showing

Ready to get started in the Western show ring? The American Quarter Horse Journal has the information you need.


Book Review: Horse at the Corner Post

Author Denise Lee Branco chronicles her 30-year relationship with a horse she named Freedom Sky.


Training with Faith

You can?t change a horse?s past, but you can work to improve the present. From America's Horse Daily.

Video: How To Lead Your Horse From a Herd

Wading into a bunch of loose horses to collect yours can be daunting. This video from the Bay Area Equestrian Network shows how to do it safely.


Book Review: Big Book of Hidden Horses

Deborah Eve Rubin has created a delightful collection of puzzles, quizzes and trivia that will fascinate parents as well as children.

Leading Cherokee to his new home. Photo Kristie Allison

Getting My First Horse

On her 16th birthday, Kristie Allison chose a horse over a '67 Mustang--and her life was forever changed.

Kristie's and Merry's horses in Summer 1972 | Courtesy Kristie Allison

Pard'ners and Best Friends

DiscoverHorses contributor Kristie Allison recalls the horse-related mischief she and her best friend concocted while they were in high school.

Ken McNabb and Jericho. Journal photo

The First 30 Days With Your Horse

What to focus on during your first month?s worth of rides on your horse.

Luke, Kate and Jim Neubert in 1987. Courtesy of the Neubert family.

Ranch Raised Kids and Horses

Ranch kids get well acquainted with hard work, traditions?-and a whole lot of freedom and fun. Courtesy AQHA's America's Horse Daily

16-year-old Kristie Allison gets her first horse.

A Reader's Story: Kristie Allison

"To say I was 'horse crazy' in the 60?s is like saying War and Peace is a good book or the Mona Lisa is a nice painting," she writes.

Courtesy Bailey Farm

Protect Your Horse from Thieves

Debi Metcalf shares her tips to keep your horse out of thieves? hands. From America's Horse Daily.

Biscuit. Courtesy KyEHC

Questions to Ask Before Buying a Horse

Know what to ask a seller when considering buying his horse. From America's Horse Daily.

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For Best Training Results, Use Treats

Your horse may appreciate an affectionate pat for a job well done, but a tasty treat will go a lot further to reinforce desirable behavior and strengthen your bond with him.

What's a Horse Worth

There is no Kelley Blue Book on horses that says what they?re worth. How do you know how much a horse is worth? Learn how Jake Barnes thinks about the price of horses and his method for being financially smart when buying a new rodeo partner.


Horse Buying in the 21st Century

With all of the purchase options available these days, is it possible to find another ?one-and-only? horse? Find out in this article from American Quarter Horse Journal.

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Orphans Don't Have to be Oddballs

Kari Frolander owned her first horse before she could walk. She won the county all-around horseman title every year of her eight-year 4-H career. Based on her experience here are tips for caring for an orphaned foal. From America's Horse.

No Time to Ride?

If you're finding it harder and harder to fit riding into your busy schedule, here are 20 solutions to help you make that time. From Horse & Rider magazine.

My Wildest Dreams

Recovering from a terrible accident, she could only dream about riding with instructors from the Spanish Riding School. But it happened. Read Pamela's story in AQHA's America's Horse Daily.

Wild Mustang. Photo Mary Sue Kunz

Sunday Morning Jog

Stacey recounts trying to catch a loose horse on a very cold Sunday morning in Reno. Then she finds out why she couldn't catch him!

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Benefits of Horse Ownership

There are many advantages to owning your own horse. These include physical, mental, emotional, and social reasons why you should consider buying a horse of your own.