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All About Horses

A horse's brain is hardwired for survival and works much differently from the brain of normal humans.

What's Your Horse Thinking?

Animal scientist Temple Grandin, PhD, offers insights into your horse's thoughts and feelings--and how they affect his behavior.

Kimberly and Cassidy Palmer performing a Pas de Deux freestyle test on Saturday at CHIO Aachen (

U.S. Eyes Top Finishes at CHIO Aachen

The host of the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games, Aachen draws many of the best in the game for world class competition held over ten days.

A horse's daily salt requirements can more than double during the hot summer months. Journal photo.

Salt for Horses in High Temps

If you're horse showing in the heat, these tips can help your horse stay hydrated.

Trappe Hill Farm offers visitors a chance to interact with horses.

Virginia Hunt Country Stable Tour May 25-26, 2013

The self-drive tour offers access to some of Virginia's most famous horse farms, as well as the Middleburg Training Track, jumping and coaching demonstrations, a polo match and more.

horse drinking at trough

How to Stimulate Your Horse's Thirst

Sometimes it's important to make your horse drink (even if he doesn't want to) to avoid dehydration.

Gabe Aniello. (

Aniello Completes FEI World Cup Vaulting Final in Seventh Place

the United States was represented for the first time by male vaulter Gabe Aniello.


How to Curb A Cribbing Horse

Here?s the latest research on this strange, incurable behavior, including possible cribbing causes, cribbing dangers and myths, plus seven ways to manage cribbing.

Even when provided the option of shelter, your horses may prefer to stand outdoors in winter weather. ? EQUUS Magazine

Winter Shelter for Pastured Horses

Although horses are highly adapted for cold weather, those who live outdoors may still need some shelter from harsh winter weather.


The Top Five Ways to Keep Mud Under Control in Your Horse's Pens

with some of the drastic temperature changes we?ve been seeing already many horse owners are already dealing with mud in their horse?s pens and pastures.

What is the Most Important Trait You Look for in a Horse?

Riders share what they consider first when buying or leasing a new partner.

Fitness Secrets of the Stars promo image

Fitness Secrets of the Stars

Here's what some top equestrians say about why they work out--and why they think you should, as well.

Journal photo

Get Out and Ride

Don't let a lack of confidence keep you from having fun horseback riding.

Alltech Arena at KHP

Riders Aim to Topple Records During Alltech National Horse Show Puissance

Translated from French, the word ?puissance? means power ? and that's exactly what horse and rider pairs will need to soar to record-breaking heights during Friday?s Alltech National Horse Show Puissance.

In the fall, the organisms in your horse's digestive tract need time to adjust to the grass' increased amount of simple carbohydrates. Accustom him to fall pasture gradually, just as you would spring pasture. Photo by Betsy Lynch

Fall Horse Feeding

When making seasonal adjustments to your horse's diet, give his system time to adapt with these expert guidelines.

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How to Wrap a Hoof Injury

Here's how to apply a hoof bandage that will stay put and keep the wound clean.


Ten Hoof Care Tips to Help Keep Your Horse's Hooves Healthy and Strong

Certified journeyman farrier Chris Volk give these ten tips for Practical Horseman magazine.

Photo EQUUS magazine

Senior Horse Hearing Check

Recognizing traces of hearing loss is essential to preserving your horses' health, and treating the condition is a way to help with everything from reducing episodes of anxiety to enhancing communication during competitions.

Photo Horse&Rider magazine

Senior Horse Care Checklist

Older equines need all the same basic care other horses do, including regular vaccinations and deworming, plus routine hoof care.

Photo Kate Light

Senior Horse Eyes: Vision Check

Your senior's ability to navigate with his peripheral vision--and adhere to his normal routine--can make detection of a vision problem difficult. However, if he begins spooking, tripping, having trouble negotiating different elevations, or knocking into o


2012 International Dressage at Devon Horse Show

In September, Dressage at Devon brings top competitors, horses, trainers and judges from across the continent and around the globe together for one of the highest-rated international dressage competitions and the most complete breed show outside of Europe.

Video: How To Lead Your Horse From a Herd

Wading into a bunch of loose horses to collect yours can be daunting. This video from the Bay Area Equestrian Network shows how to do it safely.