Alternative Therapies

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Horse Growth Continues With Age

A horse's growth in height is essentially complete by the age of 3, but his spine takes a full five years to mature. This means your horse will continue to grow in length after he stops gaining in height.

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Antioxidants-Defenders of Health in Horses

Antioxidants have received a lot of attention. Everyone has heard the term, knows they are beneficial, but may not completely understand what they are or what they do-and, just as importantly to horse owners, why horses need them too. Many horse feeds now include antioxidant ingrediants in them.

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Breeding Horses For Color

Horses come in all colors, and increasingly, veterinarians and breeders are understanding what traits are dominant in terms of passing specific color patterns on to future offspring, particularly in the paint horse breeds overo, tobiano, appaloosa, etc.