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Pony Club Alumni in the Spotlight

The USEF just named horse and rider combinations to the Short List for the 2012 Olympic Games Eventing team. It is no surprise that many riders listed have Pony Club backgrounds. Eight of the 11 riders named to the short list belonged to a Pony Club.

Above and Beyond 4-H Club. Courtesy Serenity at Last Farm

ReRun and 4-H: A Great Combo for Recycled Thoroughbreds

November 2010--Thanksgiving never really ends for the recycled race horses who are fortunate enough to have become the projects of the Above and Beyond 4-H Club in Monmouth County. The club, fittingly named Serenity at Last, is where the thoroughbreds find not only sanctuary at the end of their first career at the track, but also love and a new job.

Morgan horse. Painting by Jeanne Mellin Herrick

Horsemastership Program

Need a fun project involving horses? The AMHAY Horsemastership Program is designed to help you become a competent horseperson. The five successive levels of testing are designed to increase knowledge of the Morgan breed and general horsemanship while receiving recognition for hard work.

Kids trail riding. Courtesy Horse & Rider

Back Country Horsemen of America Embraces Youth

Back Country Horsemen of America recognizes that youth are the future of our country. They wonder who will care for our wilderness and preserve American citizens? right to ride on public lands in years to come. They also know the great physical, emotional, and mental benefits they get from enjoying their horses and mules in the back country; and they want to share those joys with children.