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Barn/Horse Management

Mounting Blocks promo image

Mounting Blocks

They're good for your horse's back.

Stand on the same side of the horse as the person working on him.

Safety Thought: Holding A Horse

Your horse should be used to people working on both sides.

The Baking-Soda Bargain promo image

The Baking-Soda Bargain

It has many uses around your barn.

Safety Thought: Pay Attention To Blanket Straps promo image

Safety Thought: Pay Attention To Blanket Straps

It's important to monitor them, as they stretch over time.

The manual-fill tank was just the ticket, since our priority was ensuring palatable water year round.

Solar Water Trough

This sun-powered tank helps you "go green," making pasture water simpler - even in the winter.

Should I Use Polo Wraps? promo image

Should I Use Polo Wraps?

The issue is protecting the legs.

Drying Blankets promo image

Drying Blankets

This simple appliance provides warm, dry blankets for your horses in even foul weather conditions.

End Barn Odors promo image

End Barn Odors

A good deodorizing product will make a difference to your horse's health.

A horse barn can contain things your dog shouldn't consume.

Dogs and Hoof Chews

Letting your dog chew on hoof pieces isn't always a good idea.

Consider a cotton sheet under that winter blanket to help minimize the chance of static electricity. (Thinkstock)

Stop Blanket Zap

That static electricity "zing" can be scary to your horse, making blanketing difficult.

A GFI outlet.

Heated Water Hose

Water flowed in below-zero temperatures.

Good arena footing starts with the base.

Footing—Don’t Lose Your Financial Grip

Good footing that won’t run away with your budget is just a stone’s throw away.

It’s the stallion’s temperament that you should weigh most heavily.

The Right Stallion for Your Mare

Look deeper than that jaw-dropping stud-horse physique and don’t be afraid to try a little negotiation over the stud fee.

Credit: profeeder-from-agpro

Automatic Feeders Offer Convenience

And they promote good health. However, they’re expensive.

Unfortunately, most horses leave a lot to be desired when it comes to choosing a bath.

Give Your Horse A Hott Wash

Coleman will give you warm water quickly, but it's better suited for tack and making mashes.

We believe the Natural Feeder is a comfortable way to slow feed hay.

This Feeder Gets It Right

Our test horses were attracted to it.

On the initial exam, Hannum evaluates the horse from poll to tail.

With His Hands, Dougie Hannum Treats The Equine Athlete

Horses move and perform better after he’s worked on them.

It can be difficult to ensure your older horse consumes enough calories.

Horse Journal OnCall: Older Horse with Worn Teeth

Our reader is having trouble keeping weight on her horse.

The thorax is an important area for riders to understand, since the saddle, leg, girth and whip will all touch that area.

The Cutaneous Trunci Muscle Reflex in Horses

Understanding your horse's natural skin reactions.

Ecovet is definitely different.

Ecovet Fly Spray is Strong

This fly repellent worked like no other product we have ever used.

With the Blocker Tie, a horse may feel less constrained.

Horse Blocker Tie Ring Fills A Gap

An option for horses who worry about tight ties.