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All Your Body Needs

"How might you begin to reframe how you regard your physical being in kinder, gentler terms?"

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body promo image

Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Body

"Spending some time learning to separate fact from fiction and truth from 'mounted mythology' can make all the difference in our ride.— Riding Through Thick & Thin."

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Does this horse make my butt look big?

Permanent change to deeply-ingrained body image issues is not only possible, but it may be much easier than we think.

Melinda Celebrating Strength 1

Celebrating Strength—and Commitment to Horsecare

Turn conditioning obstacles into opportunities with just a little more focus on revelry and elbow grease.

On Finding Perspective promo image

On Finding Perspective

“Once you remove the fear of examining your own feelings about your body and the role you are playing in allowing those feelings to sabotage your joy, you’re on the right trail.” —Riding Through Thick and Thin

Can my girth be too tight? promo image

Can my girth be too tight?

A too-tight girth could be uncomfortable for your horse and actually limit his performance.

The Funny Thing About Horses promo image

The Funny Thing About Horses

If you don't think your horse has a sense of humor, you just may be misreading that long face . . .