Book Reviews

Brian, Sally and David O'Connor water their horses on their cross-country trek in 1973. | Courtesy O'Connor Equestrian, Inc.

Book Excerpt: Life in the Galloping Lane

In this excerpt from Olympians Karen and David O'Connor's book, Life in the Galloping Lane, David tells the story of an epic cross-country ride from his childhood--a horseback trek from Maryland to Oregon with his mother, Sally, and brother, Brian.

Elly and Nathan Foote on the trail |

Book Review - Riding Into the Wind

The movie Hidalgo is great entertainment, but viewers should take the riding feats with a grain of salt. Get the real story on long-distance trekking in this astounding chronicle of a five-year, 22,000-mile ride by Elly and Nathan Foote. Reviewed by Dale Leatherman for EquiSearch.


Book Review: Hotspur

In this page-turner about murder and mayhem in the hunt country of Virginia, author and Master of Foxhounds Rita Mae Brown reprises some of the fine characters she introduced in . Book Review by Dale Leatherman for EquiSearch.