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Mare Reproductive Mystery Solved promo image

Mare Reproductive Mystery Solved

Researchers have finally identified the hormone that supports pregnancy in mares.

Do You Plan To Breed Your Mare? promo image

Do You Plan To Breed Your Mare?

Commonsense advice to help you decide if you should breed your mare.

Dealing With The Problem Mare promo image

Dealing With The Problem Mare

Whether or not to have a mare as a roping or performance horse is a controversial topic. Learn more from this expert rodeo vet on the ins and outs of owning mares.

By observing how a weanling behaves toward other horses, you

How to Evaluate a Weanling

Use these tips to evaluate the quality of a horse weanling to buy or for other consideration.

How to Throw a Foal Shower promo image

How to Throw a Foal Shower

A foal shower is a great way to celebrate an impending foal--and have fun with your horse pals, equine and human.

| Photo by Alana Harrison

Orphan Foal Resources

When you're dealing with an orphan foal, or a mare who won't let her baby nurse, try these helpful resources.

| Photos by Mandy Lorraine

How to Halter Your Foal

Our young horse expert helps you get started right when haltering your foal.


The Foal of Your Dreams

Which stallion would you select, if money were no object, to help you achieve the best possible foal for you? Here's what you told us. Produced by Jayne Pedigo and Sandra Cooke for EquiSearch.

| © Darrell Dodds

Create a Safe Foaling Stall

Anticipating the arrival of a new foal? We'll tell you how to set up a safe foaling stall for your mare. By Karen E.N. Hayes, DVM, MS

Savvy Breeding Do's and Don'ts promo image

Savvy Breeding Do's and Don'ts

Experts from the hunter/jumper and dressage worlds agree on these breeding guidelines to maximize your chance of getting the foal you want. From the editors of Practical Horseman .

Breed Profile: Belgian Draft Horse promo image

Breed Profile: Belgian Draft Horse

The modern-day Belgian Draft Horse seen in the United States is more refined that the original Brabant, from which it originates, but maintains many of the same characteristics.

Chat Transcript - Ann Myers promo image

Chat Transcript - Ann Myers

EquiSearch's Quarter horse fans chat with Ann Myers, the owner and breeder of Zips Chocolate Chip about Chip, breeding trends and stallion promotion.

Lisa Wilcox

Breeding the Best in the World

German-based American dressage rider Lisa Wilcox explains how the breeding program works at Gestuet Vorwerk, and introduces her top competitive stallions.

How To Estimate a Foal's Weight promo image

How To Estimate a Foal's Weight

How much dewormer is safe for your foal will depend on his weight. Here's a simple way to estimate your foal's weight during his first 3 months of life. By Dr. Barb Crabbe for Horse & Rider magazine.

Foal Vaccinations promo image

Foal Vaccinations

Why giving your foal vaccinations too soon can be a big mistake.

Dressage Stallion For Thoroughbred Mare

Professional Holsteiner breeder Karen Reid answers a reader's question about choosing a proper stallion for her Thoroughbred mare.